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Reno@Clementi III - FINAL PHOTOS

customised gate for delivery man to slot the newspapers
This home belongs to a matured couple who has an eye on details. Almost everything was meticulously planned for, from the fine print of the terracota tiles, dry lay tiles, ribbon black detail from room to room, planning the dresser for his wife, the layout of the kitchen drawers and how the rooms are all stringed together to form one harmonious space.
 Terracotta balcony tiles hand selected by the homeowners. 
They shared that one of the reasons why they have bought this flat was because of the unblocked views from the balcony.

 above: fine flower prints on the terracotta tile.
 spacious "no-tv" living with balcony
 study room on the left and master room on the right.  

Oriental daybed with coloured cushions thrown by the side. Alternative seating on the floor with seat pads and poufs.
 Living - skirting painted black and similar treatment to the top of ceiling

 curios? travel buys and souvenirs from all over the world.

eclecticism - Home accents like rugs, paintings, objects d'art and throw pillow.

A tranquil space - The study, media room and master are in a continuous space. When all the sliding doors are open, cross ventilation is achieved and continuous stream of daylight pours in. We definitely felt the wind gushing through when we opened the doors.

 Walk in wardrobe leading to the master bath. 

Both bathrooms have the similar design intent - a black ribbon strip running through the space, something in common that is found in the living and dining room.

 above: common bathroom beside the Laundry area

 above: Dining with side pantry cum kitchen shelves, as known as "The Bar"

A Different View - The stove directly faces the window so that even when you are cooking, you are not facing a wall but with a window view.

Laundry area with full height cupboards on the right.


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