Sunday, May 12, 2019

Reno@Spottiswoode | Stay Tuned for photos!

Reno@Ubi Maisonette | Final Photos

 welcome to a short home tour of 2 doctors who just had a little baby!
 main entrance door leading to the kitchen island
 foreground: entrance foyer with seating bench for shoes and bags
background: dining area and staircase to upper floor
 tall cabinet for storage and shoes

 well equipped kitchen island

 upper floor: half height fixed glass window to bring some daylighting into the staircase

 laundry area

 Guest room

 baby cum study room
 Living and outdoor balcony
 we love how the greys, whites and browns are coming nicely in this montage.
 tv metal cabinet from IKEA

 balcony finished in wood tiles

that's the end of the house tour!
Have a great sunday.



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