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Home@432B | Home Photos

Hello Sunday!

Last year 2019, we shifted from our old place in Stirling Queenstown to Balestier because our old HDB flat was close to 50 years old and fortunately we managed to sell it off. Now that we are currently staying in Balestier, it is a much closer drive to my eldest son's primary school.

So less words and more pictures, here are my home photos to share with all my readers!
above: main entrance door. 
We kept the original main door and frame. The frame we painted it black and the main door we laminated it. Ironmongery are new. The corridor that leads to our main door, we did up a new timber wood deck, gave it a fresh new coat of paint. The windows and window grilles, we kept the originals because they were still in acceptable condition and too retro not to keep, if you know what I mean. It's hard to get retro window grilles like these now.
 above: Kitchen and Kitchen Island
All the living spaces like kitchen, bedrooms and dining, we overlayed with vinyl flooring to keep costs low and to achieve a timber flooring look. I really like white, so like my previous kitchen, my current kitchen is all white except for the marble top and backsplash.

above: My dining table from my previous home. 
I wanted to get a new 6-8 seater dining table but managing costs aside, the old one was still in very good condition to sell away. Sigh, maybe next home I might reconsider? Renovating a resale can be quite costly, so getting the base is more important....ideal furniture will have to wait, plus I always believe that it takes years to slowly build up your home and its character.
Above: view of kitchen, dining and living
It has always been a wishlist on my husband's to have all three public spaces side by side ie Kitchen, Dining and Living. Flowing spaces and with the use of furniture to demarcate the different areas. We like the open concept because it allows maximum daylight into the spaces. I suppose this doesn't really work well if you do heavy cooking, but we don't do much cooking and even if we do, it's simple baking, grilling and boiling. We have an air-fryer that does all the frying! I can't recommend it more than enough, but it has served me many years now and it is one of the most convenient kitchen appliance to buy.

 above: my louis poulsen lamps, my love because it has the combination of white and pink.
 above: my living room although it's not really a room. 
We felt that we needed a wall to anchor our tv and tv console (previous home) and so we did a ventilated block wall up. This way, the corridor behind gets some natural daylight. Plus, it becomes a feature at our living room now.
 above: hubs' study cum office which my clients will find this area very familiar cos here's where all reno dreams started from! All shelves, study table and chair are from Ikea.
above: my sons' rooms, though this is a little "old" now, I've added some shelves, white board and Hero posters to liven up the walls. I shall post some updates of my sons' room when i have to time! There's nothing built in for both my sons and daughter's room, it's all a combination of loose furniture from my online buys, previous home and Ikea!
 above: my plumen light bulb, you can't see the shape here...
above: my common bathroom finished in white subway tiles and white grout. 
The vanity is also in white laminate and white marble countertop. The Tin Tin posters are a buy from Hanoi where we brought our kids for a holiday. So the posters are chosen by them too. The black tapware are sourced online and so is the round mirror.
above: Common bathroom shower area with accent wall.
 above: Let's move to our master bathroom!
The original floorplan had 2 bathrooms and 1 little wash area in the kitchen, but we did quite a bit of reshuffling of the spaces and so now we have only 2 bathrooms. One common and the other is the master. From our previous home, the kids really enjoyed their time in the bathtub, so we did up a master bathroom that is able to hold a small bathtub.
 above: Master vanity with dual sinks and my Barn door
I love having extra storage in my bathroom, so for the dry area, I have both upper mirror cabinets and bottom cabinets for all my bathroom items - bath towels, hand towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, toilet detergent, magic sponges, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Upper cabinets, I have my facial cleanser, moisturizer, cotton pads, make up and get the gist, cos the list goes on and on.
 above: The Wet Area - shower and bathtub
The kids favourite area. They love having a bath on weekends. I meant bath and not shower! They will bring their sandcastle kit, pails and octonaut toys into the bathtub.

 above: My dressing table
After doing so many home renovations, I really love having a dressing table although I hardly sit here at all. I do see my reflection here before I go to work! hahah. Urgh! I need a feminine space in my home too, just like my husband who says he needs a man cave. I find the dressing table from Ikea really pretty and useful. So here I store all my earrings, watches and necklaces. 

Some day I will show you the interiors of my dressing table, I love organising my accessories...
above: adjoining to the master is the balcony! and this balcony connects back to the living.
I love this relaxed space of my home. The peranankan pattern tiles and the wood ledge by the window just gives this sort of vibes.  Occasionally hubs and I will have a beer here, when the kids are asleep and we just stare at the traffic below, watching time pass by. There's always the sports car zooming out loud, ambulance sirens on their way to nearby TTSH and Mount Elizabeth and every weekend, there's a road block where we can spot from our drinking spot.
and we have come to the end of my home tour! 

I hope everyone enjoyed reading up a little on how my living spaces are. And if you are one of our clients, just tell us you want a home tour and we are more than happy to share more of our home reno experiences with you!


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Reno@192B - Final Photos | LIVING and DINING

lastly, a photo on the master bedroom where we did a simple bedhead to anchor their mattress.


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