Monday, April 30, 2018

152TP - General clean up

and we are back 10 days later to see the place all cleaned up!

Reno@644JW - Sneak Peeks

super cute doormat from crate and barrel
customised gate design
 pattern floor tiles;  a gold framed mirror; ottoman
 fabric elephant door stopper; he came to say hello to us!

 their kids are so adorable!
 comfy sofa from crate and barrel

 shoe closet with an open shelf in the centre for sentimental reasons

 woody dining table from Ethnicraft

 textured pearly white square tiles for kitchen backsplash

 hexagonal wall tiles for the common bath
 small hexagonal marble tiles for the common bathroom vanity backsplash

 walk in wardrobe and study area

all things nice and pretty in the masterbath

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Reno@644JW - Solid Sliding Door for bathrooms

view of master bathroom from the walk-in-wardrobe cum study

the beauty of a solid door is that you can't tell that it leads to the bathroom.
nicely concealed.

152TP - Bathroom updates!

 it's going to be an "open" bathroom!

Reno@644JW - Looks like 2 deep drawers but there are 3 drawers!

there's a hidden cutlery drawer within the deep drawer

Reno@644JW - Stay tuned folks!


 some props which we are bringing over for a home photoshoot. When Jade saw me taking photos of the stuff, she immediately ran over and sat down beside it and wanting her photo taken!

How cute is that!


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