Friday, December 28, 2012

Garden Dwarves

cute little garden dwarves which I bought from Daiso!
it's just too bad that the day that i bought them and put them out in the garden and it rained like crazy. So they have sand and dirt all over them now.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hougang Maisonette - 2nd email

nice lady who loves to cook wants a walk in pantry and she has found her maisonette!

she does things real quick.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

WTS Ikea Vika Alex Drawer Unit - Before and After Photos

Remember my earlier post on me wanting to sell off my study table and drawer units so that i can do a new activity corner for Jules?

well one drawer unit has been sold off already! and now my study table is being held up by my pile of architecture books. Now it's leaving another drawer unit to go before i can commence on my next little project for my son.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hougang Maisonette - First email

received an email from a reader who loved our work on the Serangoon maisonette and wants to know how much the whole reno works costed...

sounds like a nice lady who loves to cook!
and donates the proceeds from what she earns from cooking classes to charity for 8 years.

very inspired.


Friday, December 07, 2012

Reno@Yishun - 4 Bedroom floorplan

click for larger image
One of our latest project, a 4 bedroom BTO at Yishun. Couple is looking to getting their keys in 2013. So we have plenty of time to design and come up with a layout for them.

basically they are a simple couple who wants to keep all their rooms, have lots of storage, not sure of what they want. or rather perhaps it seems like there's still a long way to getting their keys so they haven't really thought of what they really want.


i don't know whether is it a good thing to have clients that do not know what they want, or clients who know what they want. well, i guess this is the part where we come in to advise them.

stay tune for more updates, though i think it wouldn't be so soon!

Sunday, December 02, 2012


 Hi there,
Just wanted to try my luck here to sell off my current study table and 2 drawer units from IKEA.
I'm planning to do a children's study cum play area by the window sill thus the need to do away with my study area.

Hopefully can sell them away then I can start on my new little project for the little one!
Wish me luck!



Everybody loves a pretty picture. even me.
A picture tells a thousand words they say. 
And what is better than showing V a mood board that has everything which we want and located for her?

here's a look at what we proposed for all her rooms:
living & dining

son's room

daughter's room

master room

maid's cum playroom
product images are from IKEA, smallsmallworld, IWANNAGOHOME, typo, scanteak, lushlush, 2nd charm, thatgoodthings.


Here are some of the quick renderings which we churned up for V.

There wasn't much major changes to the maid's cum playroom as it was already quite fully utilised.
What we proposed was to have an accent wall (dark to medium grey) to add some contrast to the overall white room and propose some fun posters to the wall.

We also proposed more storage space for her children's toys as well as a playmat; adjust her tv console and sofa to the corner by the window to enjoy the natural daylight.

V's problem was that there just wasn't enough storage space for all her 3 children's toys so most of the time it's left "stored" in her living area.
V's challenge was to have another sleeping area for her second son and the previous ID did 2 boxed up area and thus greatly reduced the width of this room. So to add another bed and study area was a headache for her.

We played with the idea of symmetry and introduced a "mirror" image concept to this room, thereby creating an illusion that the room is very "long".

Another exactly the same bed and study desk and chair was proposed and signature lampshades above the beds to give this illusion. 

- extra shelving for her sons' books and what-nots.
- sticker behind door for fun and texture
V was quite happy with her Master room except that it was just not personalised. It just wasn't "V" yet.
The room was brightly lit and spacious. However she lacked storage space again for her extra mattress and linen.

So we proposed extra storage space under her bed, rows of chest of drawers for more clothings or linen, a study table for her beside her vanity table so that she can do some light work or study if she requires and lastly we noticed that she lacked a full length mirror - something which she was quite pleased with our little thought.

- another study chair similar to her vanity chair which she is currently having
- storage box by the end of her bed
- laundry basket
- bedside lamps
- big frames above the bed to accentuate the alcove wall

Here's another view of the master from the window sill

Here's the area where her 2 sons love to play and have most of their toys laid on the floor, and after playing, there was no space or storage to keep them so they just leave them on the floor.

What we have proposed is to re-adjust the 2 retro single chairs so that it will form a dialogue with the coffee table and sofa. As you can see from the photo, there's still relatively some space between the tv console and the sofa, thus we proposed for her to shift her sofa forward so that she can line the window area with cupboards.

- retro print cushions for the sofa so that it will blend nicely with the retro chairs
- a row of cupboards behind the sofa to keep all the toys
- feature wall with ledge that allows V to hold her photo portrait and can change periodically
- a bench for her visitors to sit during festive occassion like Xmas and CNY
- feature table lamp on her row of cupboards

it's a pity that I didn't manage to take her daughter's room because her daughter was having tuition.

Here's the proposed rendering which we did.
- shift the bed to one side with shelving above and study lamp
- more storage units with study nook in between.
- blue accent wall which is her daughter's favourite colour
- chalkboard paint on the door for her daughter to doodle and leave notes

Stirling HDB Terrace - #349 XMAS new bed sheets from IKEA

here's a limited edition bed linen from IKEA called Fjalltag. Wanted to buy the alphabet series but it was all sold out when i got there. sobsob. yes yes, i truly understand the meaning of limited edition.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Stirling HDB Terrace - #348 XMAS 2012

Puppy with his Santa Hat

Idea which i got from IKEA
Bought some artificial sprigs and silver ribbon from IKEA to dress my bar chairs! The star, mushroom and baubbles were from IKEA 2011 series.
Even my lampshades are not spared!

A Wreath from IKEA
Here's another item which i had gotten from IKEA this year! Will take more photos to show my loot, mostly on kitchen stuff!
Happy weekend to everyone!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Stirling HDB Terrace - #347 IKEA LIVE Magazine

CLICK on image to view it bigger

 Hi there!

Just wanted to share with all my readers that our little place was featured in IKEA LIVE magazine. We are exceptionally happy that IKEA was doing a feature on our place since we are such big fans of their stuff!!! I love their kitchen tea towels, quilt covers and especially their seasonal designs during Christmas and the Lunar New Year!

This year's xmas decor from IKEA went onto the shelves really early again and I was there to make sure that i had my stuff all bought. Unlike previous years when I keep missing out on the stuff which i wanted to buy and realise that IKEA do not restock their xmas products!!!




Sunday, November 18, 2012

My first pair of Ferragamo

Yes! I finally FINALLY own a pair of Ferragamo shoes after all the years of waiting!!  HAHA!

thanks to hubs!!

it's not an early xmas present but a present to reward me for being top of my cohort for the Professional Exams! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Monday, August 06, 2012


We received a new project from a reader who requested for us to rejuvenate, revive and add more personality to her new renovated place.

Let's call our home owner, V.

V emailed us for our services after chancing upon my blog and asked whether besides reno and design works, could we provide some design consultation to her place.

So we were just as curious as her! And we went down to her place to take a look.

Her place was already done up nicely and everything was new!!
But what she felt that her new place didn't look new or rather perhaps was just lacking some homey feel to it.

so we were set to the task to help her re-adjust some of her rooms.

Here's her wishlist:

  • to keep all her current new furniture
  • to have a place to put her piano
  • to have more storage area for her toys
  • to have another sleeping and study area for her 3 year old son
  • to revamp her daughter's room

Saturday, July 14, 2012

IKEA Green Adum Carpet

Thanks for the overwhelming responses and queries!
Carpet has been SOLD.


Sunday, July 01, 2012

Selling Ikea Adum Carpet -CHEAP CHEAP!

New Good condition Ikea Green Carpet for sale!

2m by 3m, Green. 

Usual $369, selling for less than half price at $150.

Self Collect.

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Blog Address!

Dear Readers,

Please note that I will be changing my blog address from to
with effect from next month ie 1st July 2012.

keep on reading and email or leave me a message as usual!
have a nice day.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stirling HDB Terrace - #345 Home & Decor Website

If you have missed out on our house being featured in the Home & Decor magazine, fret not!

I just found out that they have uploaded photos of our place in their website.
click here for the write up and bigger images of our place!


Many thanks to Home & Decor for their wonderful photos and write up on our little place.


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