Saturday, August 30, 2014

Reno@T Maisonette - More reno updates

Most of the carpentry are starting to come up now. Leaving the kitchen carpentry which is the most complicated. As you can see from the top photo, here's the bottom cabinet of the vanity area in the lower floor bathroom.

 False ceiling up!

 Here's the vanity for the upper bathroom
Customised "floating" bedframe.

pardon my photos here...due to low lighting and a shaky hand - yes it's me taking all the photos here.
My fault.

Reno@T Maisonette - Shoe Cupboard

The shoe cupboard is up for our T Maisonette! Here are some close shots on the pretty laminates which the young couple has chosen.
For the open shelf area, the laminate has a very distressed leather look, very similar colour scheme to the wall tiles which they have chosen for the bathrooms.
For the top and bottom laminates, it's also a kind of fabric but a woven one! like linen. 
The whole combi turned out really well I must say!!! 
Actually this is our second home which we are using fabric looking laminates.
The first home was done in Toa Payoh, again it was a couple who was brave-hearted to choose a different palette of laminates.
On the insides...Slanted shelves to put the shoes!

Reno@Holland Ave - Hacking Demolition works completed

 All the sand, hollow block, cement, tiles are all delivered to site!
 All the walls and skirting have been removed for the bedrooms

 All carpentry have been stripped off from the walls too

 closer look at the kitchen - all carpentry removed, wall and floor tiles all gone.

Reno@B Maisonette - New walls are up and so are the Wall tiles!

it's been a week already and all the new walls are erected now. And all the wall tiles for the bathrooms are laid too. Today we are here to do the choosing of the pattern tiles and the setting out of the floor tiles.
 Here's a look at the wall tile for the common bath downstairs
 Kitchen walls are all up too

 Short wall at the balcony for the tv

here's another view of the little short wall for the tv

 realigned the staircase store room door
 wall tile for the upstairs common bathroom

 Wall tiles for the master bathroom

 Pattern floor tiles for the common bathroom
 Closer look at the pattern floor tiles at the shower area
here's closer look at the pattern tiles at the vanity area.

Reno@Ancilla BTO - Renders

Reno@Ancilla BTO - Options Options Options

TGIF! - time to update what have we been up to...
Hi there!
Just wanted to update my blog a little on what we have been doing for the past months. I've sort of "neglected" my blog with just photos of renovation progress and not much tinkering/bantering on our design processes at home. Well, we have been rigorously designing and not just visiting sites! hah!
For the past 2 months, besides this new BTO flat which we are designing for at Buangkok, we have been re-thinking and churning out ideas for a 3 room resale where you can read about here. and a maisonette at CCK where you can read about it here. and another BTO flat in Yishun at here.
It's like a hibernating period for us. Just waiting for the hungry ghost period to be over and BOOM! we are going to start all the renos!!!
so hang on tight to your seats cos the progress photos are coming soon fast and furious.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Reno@Holland Ave - Renders

view of living room

view of living room



Reno@Holland Ave - A 3 room resale story

Searching for the perfect home since he turned the eligible age to purchase a HDB flat, a bachelor came to us some time in early June and wanted us to help him to do up his 3 room HDB at Holland Ave. The ideas for the home were very simple and utilitarian. The important thing was to have a welcoming area for him to watch telly where he can "stone" out and his bedroom to have a study area to put his books and for him to work from home.

And I'm really pleased to say this....
"Reno has started this week and hacking works have completed already."

quote from owner "exciting times" ahead!!!

Reno@CCK Maisonette - Renders

Entrance Foyer

View towards living and dining



View of Dining from Living area

Kitchen on left and Balcony on right


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