Saturday, August 31, 2013

Reno@Bt Panjang Maisonette - Renderings

Here are some renderings which we did for the Bukit Panjang Maisonette
For this maisonette it's all about storage and living patterns. Currently, the couple prefers to have a side table near the dining area for medicines, letters and other miscellaneous stuff so we design a top and bottom cabinet next to the dining area with a glass opening to allow some daylight penetration.
Here will be an area for them to put their food related stuff too while dining.
Next is the 3 bay enclosed kitchen. We are really working in a very tight configuration here as the mrs wants 2 double bowl sinks, stove, hood, French door fridge,  2 washers and dryer all in the kitchen as her current place where she is staying.
Here's a view of the dryer and 2 washers where we are proposing for a blind to be pulled down to hide the laundry area. She also wanted a bar counter where her hubs can watch and chit-chat with her while she cooks.
For the living area, we are using IKEA modules here to build all her cabinetry.
Here's another view of the living from the dining area where we have allocated a small play area for baby kate. This way her parents can look after her while they are resting and watching telly.
Upstairs in the master, we have done a really simple design with a study area and full height tv console. The study area faces both open windows for a breathe of fresh air and natural daylight.
Another look at the master from another angle.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Reno@Hougang Maisonette - Updates

Guess you peeps out there must be dying for some Hougang Reno updates yeah! 
>>>Here you go!!!

here's a panoramic view of the kitchen. The pantry wall is up, the partition wall between kitchen and yard is also up. Lots of electrical cabling are dangling around the place now. All the walls and joints are all 90deg straight, no more curve edges. Door frames are all in too!
The guys are doing up the brick wall in the living now.
light holders are all done for the living area, now to put in the light fittings!
here's another view of the living towards the balcony area where the light holder is done too!
here are some close up on the beautiful brick wall in our hougang maisonette!
We did a partition wall to seal up the "gap" between the column and existing wall so that it will be a flat surface and the good thing about that we get to conceal the trunking, wirings and flush the powerpoint with the brick wall!!!! So neat and clean!!!
more photos of the brick wall, above has already been grouted.
see how "smooth" the top of the brick wall is?
the bottom of the brick wall is not finished yet, so it looks very "textured" here
and a new clean DB box is in!

  let's go upstairs!!
and you will see that bedroom 3's wall is totally hacked away!!!!
see how much light and space has been created! 

It was such a pleasant surprise when we saw the opening. Didn't expect the result to be so bright and cheery. Now the stairwell has lots of daylight coming in. 

Bet Iron Lady Chef must be pleased with all the hard work she has been putting into making a decision of getting a PE and chasing the HDB officer for the hacking permit!
More photos of this beautiful "hacked" wall!!! because we waited for its coming for so long!! think it was more than a month...
Master room - light holder completed too.
 let's continue our tour at the bathrooms
False ceiling complete at the master bathroom
 master bath room: light holder is in!

 common bathroom - false ceiling and light holder in too!

 bedroom 3 - light holder in!
  bedroom 2 - light holder in!

stay tune for more updates!

Reno@Bt Panjang Maisonette - Kitchen island option

2 full kitchen counters with island in an enclosed kitchen.

Base on the current size of the HDB maisonette layout, there isn't enough space to have an island in an enclosed kitchen. Bearing in mind that the tightest working space for a kitchen is around 900mm - 1000mm. Also with the opening of the fridge door, that corridor space must cater for the door opening and the person opening the door. The optimum width of a kitchen corridor should be around 1100mm to 1200mm, enough for 2 persons to walk pass, or for a drawer in the kitchen to be extended out and good enough for a person to stand.

The design option was to enlarge the kitchen width in order to have a 3 bay counter with the middle bay as an island. This will also utilise the space between the kitchen and the staircase area which most of the time is too wide and under-utilise in most EMs.

Reno@Bt Panjang Maisonette - Concept Design

The design revolves mainly in storage planning - simple and neat. The couple already has a specific home-living pattern in the bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms from their existing home. Hence besides moving their existing furniture and appliances, their current home-living pattern has to reflect very much in the new design.

The best way to have storage is to line them along the longest wall possible, maximise the wall and room space. For the lower floor, the couple wanted storage at the dining for food related stuff and a shoe cabinet. For the study they need to house a helper, ironing board, wardrobe, children's toys, husbands army items and other miscellaneous stuff. The kitchen needs to house 2 washers, 1 dryer, fridge, oven, microwave, sink, hob, hood and if possible to have an island.

For the upper floor, a milk station, full storage outside the common bath, full storage and wardrobe for bedroom 2 and 3, queen size beds in both master and bedroom 3. Master to have wardrobe, study table and storage outside for master bath.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Stirling HDB Terrace - Updates on our planter - GONE!

here's how it looks like now.
This weekend, our contractor is going to buy some tiles and start tiling works on Monday.

Reno@Hougang Maisonette - Kitchen island design

The marble that was purchased for the kitchen island is too heavy to be brought up by the lift so we need to improvise here a little.
Iron Lady Chef came up with this idea of using another piece of granite and to shorten the marble piece. I thought it was a great idea seeing that we sort of design the whole theme of her place in black and white with wood so the combi of a black and white stone for her kitchen island seem to pull together a whole new different look.

We did 3 different designs for her to choose, from full cabinetry storage to half open shelving to full open shelving, all has its pros and cons. Open shelvings are good for quick get pots and plates and even cookery books. Full cabinetry storage will minimise dust collection.

So it really depends on her choice now.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reno@TohYi Maisonette - Floorplan

here's a new maisonette which we are doing and it's our first corner unit!

stay tune for more updates!!!

Reno@TohYi Maisonette - Concept plan

We just met this really nice couple whom we actually share a common friend! How small this world is yah?
The couple was browsing through the internet for maisonette inspirations and IDs and happen to land on my blog and saw our friend at our place having a BBQ! So they emailed us, wanting to meet us and see how things might fall in place. And now we are designing their Toh Yi Maisonette for them!!!

They have 3 kids - and 2 of them are twins!!! So together, their parents, themselves, 3 children and a helper will move from their mum's place over to this maisonette. Phew!

Ok, to cut the story short, here's the design brief:
She likes to have friends over for steamboat and lots of gathering.
Needs the study for the children so the current utility room can't be the helper's room
Hopes to have all the electrical wirings concealed.
Wants as much storage as possible
They will take the master
The bedroom 2 will have an ensuite for their parents.
Bedroom 3 will house their 3 children
Wants to have a roof over the access corridor as theirs is a corner unit
Study in the master but doesn't need a large wardrobe

Monday, August 19, 2013

Stirling HDB Terrace - Goodbye Bamboo!


here are some of the before photos for keepsake...and memories.
here's looking at our bamboo from the outside

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hi all, we will be taking a 2 day break as we all have fallen sick from Jules' deadly flu virus.
The past week he had fever at 39.3 deg and he's well now, but hubs and I together with our helper are all down with cough, runny nose and fever.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

DIY IKEA hack stools - Before and After looks

 here's how the ikea book shelves look from Iron lady chef's place.
We thought it was a pity to throw them away so we kept it one side first and thought how we can use it for our DIY project. Then Iron Lady chef was mentioning that she was going in search for a pair of stools for her customised ceramic plate balcony table, so hubs thought perhaps we could use back her bookshelves and make 2 stools for her.
And I'm pleased to show you all our finished DIY IKEA hack stools!

DIY - Home Made Stools from IKEA bookshelves and legs from IKEA stool

 Here's what you need:
  1. IKEA MARIUS stool (the legs)
  2. IKEA bookshelf (second hand) - cut into squares, 2 squares for one stool
  3. measuring tape
  4. pencil
  5. jigsaw
  6. wood varnish
  7. screws
  8. wood glue
  9. sandpaper

items which we will be using!

After cutting the bookshelf into perfect squares, we clean the wood pieces as there are some wood dust and shavings. Next we add the wood glue and put 2 pieces of square woods together.

After gluing the 2 pieces of wood together, let it dry then screw 4 at each corner to fasten the 2 pieces of wood together.

Once you are done, varnish the wood pieces to the colour that you like, for us, we have chosen a walnut colour, it's the leftover paint from my DIY IKEA Moppe Hack.
Click here for the DIY.

While hubs is painting the wood pieces, I went to print some number to personalise the stools. Here it is!
So we cut out the numbers and stick it on the wood. Tape on all the sides with newspapers and we are ready for a quick spray paint job.

here's the finished product!
And we are going to give these stools to Iron Lady chef for her spanky new place as she is looking for stools for her balcony ceramic table. 
 Here's the top view of the stools with the personalised numbers.
Side view of the stools


ps: hope she likes them as much as we do!


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