Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stirling HDB Terrace - #2 MIRRORS + what nots!

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
who's the prettiest of them all?

Item Measurements/ Dimensions

Width 75 cm.
Height 165 cm

Item Measurements/ Dimensions
Diameter 70 cm.

So besides buying bedding...we shopped at the mirror section too! and ended buying more stuff!

viola! Tissue paper holder! *hiak hiak hiak* This photo really doesn't do it justice, but it looks really cute in real! we are proud owners of an IKEA cardmember.

Stirling HDB Terrace- #1 Bedding!

BEDFRAMESLately, we have been bedding shopping. IT'S ALL part of the wedding. The part that calls: An Chuang which means "Putting the bed" for newly weds.
Yup. We got an auspicious date already.
Nope. It doesn't fall on a weekend. Sheesh. which means we have to take leave.
Yup. That's when u have to put on the new bedsheets.
Nope. You are NOT ALLOWED to lie on the bed until the wedding night itself.
Yup. You have to have bedside lamps and it's also the time to keep it on.

We were in search of a white bedframe...and GOSH!!! it was so difficult! we combed through several weekends in search of a perfect one. From furniture mall in beach road, Park Mall Furniture, IMM furniture mall, Harvey Norman, Picket and Rail, SPACE and finally back to IKEA where budget and colour RULES all. Time is running short as we are only 3 weeks away from our wedding now. So we decided to get one that was affordable for the time-being.

This one is from Harvey Norman, called Emperor. It's $1100, currently on 30% sale. (Which we almost bought as we thought it was really quite a good buy with the discount!)
The one next to it is the one we bought ACTUALLY!

Item Measurements/ Dimensions
Length 199 cm
Width 162 cm
Footboard height 45 cm
Headboard height 110 cm
Mattress length 189 cm
Mattress width 152 cm

and we bought it for $170!!! Cos we bought an AS-IS item. But we don't mind really as we are still in search of the perfect bed.


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