Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Reno@Ubi Maisonette - Electrical works in the common bathroom

someone at work;pulling wires, so we can't take photos of the common bathroom. 
From outside, it looks pretty much completed.

Reno@Ubi Maisonette - Sunny Balcony!

It's a sunny day today!  
Yes the roof and windows to the balcony has been removed to allow the "outdoors" living possible.
Electrical works are almost completed, the electrical casing are in.
First coat of painting done too. Living room flooring completed.

Reno@432B - Balcony Pattern Tiles

Floor skirting is done!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Reno@432B - Windows all in!

and the door frames are delivered to site too!

Reno@432B - Common Bathroom Pattern Tiles

I'm a sucker for pattern tiles. Beginning to get cold feet on choosing this pattern tile. Fingers crossed that we have made a good choice on this one. We have not done this pattern tile in any of our projects yet, so it's a pilot one for us!

Reno@Ubi Maisonette - Master room still in quite raw state

 waiting for flooring to come in

Reno@Ubi Maisonette - New Windows!

 New windows installed!

 above: door frames delivered to site. Upper floor door frames installed already.
above: all our drawings are stuck on the wall so that our contractors and their subs won't miss a thing.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Reno@432B - The boys are here to spot check!

Just kidding!
The boys are here because the school holidays have started and they are very very bored at home. So hubs and I decided to bring them out to visit our site for the weekend afternoon. Hubs and I are thinking of enrolling both of them for swimming lessons to kill their time off. Not sure how it will help us since someone will need to bring them there and back....*thinking hard*

Children are so adorable, they say the darnest things but sometimes I also want to yell my head off at them... >.<

above: peekaboo, i see you!

Hope everyone have a good weekend ahead!


Reno@432B - Updates on bathrooms

above: Poor photo taken by me. Doesn't do justice to my light grey wall tiles. 
They are quite pretty under natural lighting.
 Above: Master Vanity area

 above: Most of the common bathroom wall tiles are done.

 above: white tiles and white grout

Some really poor quality photos here of the bathroom updates. Partly because the master bathroom has no natural daylight and my using my Xiaomi phone to take these photos.

Reno@432B - Pattern Tiles

They actually finished laying most of the pattern tile in balcony yesterday! When hubs was here yesterday, the flooring was not done, the window frames were not up either. There were 3 men by the window area.... so yes, I'm pretty happy with the progress!

Reno@432B - Windows update

above: window frames by the corridor

Hubs was so shocked to see window frames by our common corridor. He says he has not had a project that couldn't finish installing all the windows in a day! Fortunately, this common corridor is under lock and key.

Reno@432B - Terrazzo

 above: 800x800 terrazzo tile

it's been more than 1 week that my terrazzo tiles are still left lying by the side of the wall. I'm not sure whether is my contractor afraid that by laying it first at the entrance foyer will be prone to breakage or his workers have no time to lay them. Hmm...I think he is being cautious. Good....

Reno@432B - Shopping for Kitchen taps and Kitchen Sinks

Saturday weekend hunts on bathroom WCs and wash basin. 
Came across this poster along Balestier....
Hans Grohe Kitchen taps and sinks - poster says it's a festive promo, but looks like an all year round promo to me. Is it really cheaper?

Friday, November 23, 2018

Reno@Ubi Maisonette - Bathroom updates

 master bathroom - almost there already!

lower floor bathroom

Reno@432B - Helper's room

above: Helper's room
It was quite difficult for us to fit in a total of 4 bedrooms and 1 office in this floorplan, and definitely there were some compromises. For example, the helper's room is one of the rooms that do not get directly daylight. So we are putting in really huge sliding windows so that this little room can get some natural daylighting. The other room would be the office, however that room faces an open area which borrows much daylighting from the kitchen area.

Overall, we are quite pleased that we have an open plan to work with and really thankful that we found this new place!

Reno@432B - Sneak Peek to my ventilated blocks

I was in a dilemma when it came to choosing the pattern for the ventilated blocks! There was simply too many different designs to choose from and everyone of them was pretty. Here are some of the photos which I took at the shop when I was deliberating....

they all looked so lovely! So in the end, I chose function over form =  the "easiest" to clean. One that had big openings and straight, no curves and no small openings that fingers cannot go through.

getting very auntie-like. Maintenance is top priority.


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