Friday, May 29, 2015

Reno@TY Maisonette - Kitchen work top up!

back post!
After the Vesak Holidays, I realised that I have not posted this little update on our TY maisonette before we left. 
In any case, the owners have shifted in and currently there's still some defects and touch up works to be done.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reno@S Maisonette - glass works and staircase

I think this photo looks splendid!!! somewhat a cross between what our client showed us and we tried to improvise it into our design here.  It was something like a black framed glass door, white walls, wood flooring, hmm or was it a screed flooring??

rites, will show you all some photos of the new study which we have created for this maisonette.
enjoy the yummlicious photos!


Reno@S Maisonette - Metal Gate

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Reno@Sunshine Court - DOWN WITH WALLS and up with new ones

minor hacking works which has already been completed over the weekend and the new wall for the master is almost up!!!

Reno@TY Maisonette - wardrobe up! and more to go...

 study in the master room

goodness! I thought the carpentry has finished, but there's still more to go!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reno@S Maisonette - stay tuned for final photos

love the black fan!

Fans by owner are purchased from Phylux
click here for their facebook page 

Reno@S Maisonette - Kitchen updates

black haiku fan for the living
The daylight is streaming in freely. looks so spacious...i feel having a cuppa iced tea here!

 Jules is here to prance around... he enjoys coming to reno sites with us. 
Just this morning, we have finished 4 reno sites together. He's quite a patient kid and I'm really grateful that he doesn't fuss to much when we visit our reno sites. Love him to bits!

Thank you jules!
Jules looking at the white ceiling fan

Jules is wearing his fire breathing dinosaur tee today, so cute the graphics...opps. I forgot that i'm suppose to blog about the reno here... but i guess you can see pretty much from the photo what has been done yah? hee hee

Flooring completed.
Door frames and railings are stained in a dark colour.

Reno@Trivelis - Carpentry updates

tv console completed!
it's yet another Monday and a new start to a brand new week. Our work at Trivelis is into her final league now. Most of the light fittings have been installed. The oven in the kitchen has been installed too. The carpenter is working hard to finish his job at hand. We are left with the bench at the balcony area which is not in its rightful place yet as we are afraid it will get wet. Best to have the outdoor blinds installed first. It's been raining constantly every afternoon in the west!

 "make up" artist has been here for a week, touching up on all the carpentry
 and he is still touching up

Master bedroom standing vanity area cum display. We have a mirror swing door so that the missus can do her makeup here. Behind the mirror box are more shelves for her to put her skin care products.
 The master shower area - we made the wet area smaller and added more needed storage.
 Jules - hands behind his back, looking at the view
 The storage bed, bedhead and side drawers are done! it's finished in a pine looking colour, light and woody. Pleasant and easy on the eyes.

ritey ho.
i'm off to sleep now.
will update our S Maisonette tomorrow....stay tuned.


Reno@TY Maisonette - Carpentry updates

This week, the carpentry has taken shape. Lots have been done and it's almost near completion. The countertop guy was here over the weekend to measure the kitchen for fabrication. So we are hoping it will come in this friday or saturday as it's almost end May and we need to handover the flat to the rightful owners.
 Glass door to kitchen installed together with door handle, nice and long
 The kitchen tallboy, waiting to install the electrical appliances later

 Ceiling fans all installed for the living and bedrooms
 storage cupboard in the balcony area. In progress.
 upstairs, the bathtub is ready! leaving the plumbing works.
 Wardrobe for upstairs, these should finish within the week.
And it's big enough to hide a 3 year old toddler. Jules is having runny nose and fever for the past 4 days, so hubs is looking after him while bringing him to our reno sites. Poor kiddo. But even if we left him at home to rest, he wouldn't sit still or sleep.
 customised study table plank! it's long and suppose to sit 2 pax.
 bathroom updates! Lights installed. sink left temporarily there as the countertop has to come in first.
 cove lights and ceiling fan

 guest room downstairs in it's original marble flooring
living area with cove lights and ceiling fan


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