Thursday, May 21, 2015

Reno@Segar BTO - Bedrooms

Grandparents room
We are here checking up on the progress of our Segar BTO flat...Looks good to move in anytime soon. The lights and fans for all the bedrooms have been installed. The painting has completed too.
Daughter's room

Master room
The missus wants a full false ceiling in the master and a built in wardrobe finished in a dark colour, complete with a blue accent wall. If I remember correctly, the reason behind choosing the blue wall was because of Fengshui.
Opening up to check the master wardrobe...To the left are 3 drawers with 1 accessory drawer right at the top, some hanging space at the bottom and a small area for long dresses (for the missus). To the right of the wardrobe, more drawers and hanging space. This will be for the hubs.

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