Friday, May 15, 2015

Reno@S Maisonette - Carpentry and upstairs vinyl flooring has started!

This week, overall there's been quite a good progress! Lots of stuff are happening around here. Different groups of people are all working together to get the reno done.
  1. Main door and lockset installed
  2. The gate guy was here to do measurement
  3. Carpentry started
  4. vinyl flooring for upstairs has started too, should finish in one day or two.
  5. Shower mixers installed
  6. Glass partition works commenced

carpentry works in the kitchen

Shower glass partition up!

Shower mixer installed
vinyl flooring in progress

The original chosen flooring was out of stock and this was the 2nd option which looked really good too! The colour is so close to parquet that it looks like real wood. Once the flooring is done, the skirting will be next. Hopefully soon, cos only when the flooring is completed, then we can start to do the carpentry works upstairs.

stay tuned for more progress updates!



  1. Hi, like the HERF colour. Can you share what is the colour and brand of the HER?

    1. hi there, we are using Markham Oak Light. :)

    2. Thanks. I couldn't decide between markham oak light and Amsterdam eggshell...

    3. Amsterdam eggshell is quite nice too, small rooms will look brighter. The Markham Oak Light gives a cosy warm feel as it's a warm wood tone.



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