Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Reno@S Maisonette - First coat of paint

It's really wonderful to see how a flat can transform over a period of time! Look how far our S maisonette has come. Now it's starting to take shape, looking brighter and whiter. The spaces are more defined, the light holders are 90% completed, the first coat of primer has been rolled on.

just one week of work and with the primer on, the difference is pretty big!
 common bath downstairs - the ventilation blocks have a coat of paint over too!
 electric heater, sink and tap installed.
 The balcony is looking so airy and bright!

Light holders are in place too. Problem with old flats, the ceiling is not flat, so when the light holders are up, sometimes you see abit of distortion...many of our home owners think it's the light holders that is installed crooked but actually it's the ceiling.
storage water heater installed too!

ritey, please wait for our next weekend update.


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