Saturday, November 30, 2013

Reno@Toa Payoh - Tiles Selection

Tiles selection for both bathrooms
Over the weekend, we went to choose the tiles for the Toa Payoh flat with Cath Kidston Mum! She wanted something blue in her bathrooms, so we proposed mosaic for the vanity area as well as the alcove area. Above is a photo of the mosaic tiles which we have chosen, which I think is really nice and it has a shiny sheen to it!!! Which i really love alot!!! After choosing our tiles, the salesgirl told us that the mosaic cannot be laid in wet areas!!! WHAT!!!

She explains that the sparkly sheen will react with water and oxidise and change colour and don't know what nots she said. In short: cannot be put in wet areas.  >_<

Next, after we got our tile samples and order list, i brought the tiles home to take a photo as well as to scan the order list then i realised that something was not right.
The kitchen wall and floor tiles are missing!!!

This sales girl ah!!!!
Got to go back this weekend to claim my missing tile samples!!!! URGH.
Tiles for the living and bedrooms

70% of the tiles chosen

**Updated missing tile**
Thanks to hubs who went back to the tile shop in the rain and ask for these samples!

Reno@Hougang Maisonette - Before Afters

Been wanting to do this straight after taking photos of the hougang maisonette but have been caught off work. So here are some recaptured moments of the past.



ps: stay tune for Iron Lady's Chef feature (Jan 2014) in Home and Decor Magazine for her kitchen!

Reno@Bt Panjang - Tiles Selection

Saturday was such a rainy day!! But it didn't spoil our mood to go tile shopping for the Bukit Panjang Maisonette. The tile selection was chosen from Hafary and boy, there were so many people like us who were not hindered by the weather and still went tile shopping.
 Here's the tile selection for the kitchen wall (light) and floor (dark)
 Toilet tiles with 2 options for the floor 
(1st option is carbon grey and 2nd option is the sandy brown)
And the last tile selection - for the balcony and yard

we are keeping all the natural granite for the living and dining areas to save cost and it's such a waste to hack the stone away.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Reno@Toa Payoh - Hollow Block walls up!

After 1 week of hacking, removing all the floor and wall tiles, false ceiling and boxed up areas, hacking of all the cupboards, wardrobes and removal of sinks, taps and WCs...the walls are starting to come up and spaces are forming, taking shape!

This week, we are going to meet Cath Kidston mum and pass her some laminates to choose for her kitchen, settle some electrical works and a catalogue for her to choose her wall colours.
 new wall erection for the son's room
close up on the hollow brick wall. If only we can leave it as it is and paint it white! 
Natural brick wall effect. I likey but hubs think Cath Kidston mum is not into too much texture or natural finish like raw concrete etc. Yup I agree. It's not her style.
 Door frames are almost 90% up too!
 Wall up between master and daughter's room
The master used to be one big space because the previous owner hacked down a wall to make 2 rooms into a one huge master.
 close up on the wall from the daughter's room
 here's a view in the master room area
view from the dining area, on the left is the new wall to the son's room.
Another view looking at the son's room.

Reno@Yishun - Doors and Ironmongery up!

here's the only room where I can gain access to take an overall picture of the room and door because the master bedroom and the walk in wardrobe bedroom 2 is being occupied by the door guy! All the solid wood doors have been installed and the guy is installing the locksets now.
see! the whole corridor is in a mess and that's the door guy drilling a hole into the sliding door for the walk in wardrobe.

Yale locksets are all laid on the floor like it's free to take.

Reno@Kim Keat - Master bedroom

Some master bedroom study options which we have been trying out for the past months. The aim is to try to maximise wardrobe area and to capitalize on the view out.

Ritey going to take my shower now. totally beat out.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Us@Equinox Semi Buffet Lunch

It's our 4th year anniversary and we decided to have a sumptous semi-lunch buffet at the Equinox. We arrived early and so hubs was busying himself on the laptop because he has a major presentation tomorrow and has been working every night till 3am. Poor fella because he's really very exhausted. He tells me that he's going to zonk out on friday after thursday's big presentation. I asked him what does he mean by zonk out. He says he is just going to stone at work.

Poor me too. Think probably due to stress and exhaustion, he snores very loudly these few nights too!!! And i can't sleep!

Took some photos of the sumptous spread we are having today!!! Sadly, I had to skip the sashimi, sushi and oysters.

But I had the Sri Lanka Crab, Chilled Prawns, Clams and Mussels!!! And they tasted great!!! Or rather I've been craving for fresh chilled prawns.

 That's my platter of seafood and it doesn't stop at one plate!!!!
 Sushi and Sashimi for hubs favourite. Salad and greens. They had loads of spinach and mix greens. And I tried their potato salad which was yummy. The Thai Salad was so-so. Told Hubs that Beaufort Hotel Sunday Brunch's thai salad was better. Shucks should have really ate more the other day. The chicken archar was bleah.
 hubs washing his fingers, unknowingly that I'm snapping a photo of him. He's very zzz.
Frankly he looks stuffed and bloated. Not from food though. More from work. I mean, LOOK AT HIS EYES!! @@
They are only half opened!!!!
 and he smiles for me!!!
me. into my 28 weeks of preggy! Very very what I tell my colleagues, I'm progressing from a Shisamo fish to a whale. Fingers cross that my acid reflux won't happen like the last time!!! Oh and I'm slowly losing my chin and face is getting plumper too... >_<
After 40 mins, my main still hasn't arrived and I told hubs that I'm just going straight for my dessert. And I had the chocolate cake, and it was lovely. I skipped the creme bulee because I'm not sure whether is it cooked or not, had 4 strawberries, orange chocolate cake and a chocolate mousse. Yes, I'm craving for dark bitter chocolate too!!!
that's my prezzie for hubs! I gave him a NETS flash card worth a $100 !!!! Hope it will come in useful because seriously I haven't the faintest clue as to what to get for him. And christmas is coming. eeks. which means I need to crack my pregnant brain for another idea as to what should i get for him.
 hubs and his main - beef steak well done so that i can eat some from him too.

My main - I decided to try the Crispy Pork Knuckle instead of my usual salmon and I regretted. I'm really not a red meat eater. Sigh, told hubs that next time I will stick to my fish. It tasted like a big slab of ham to me.
 after my main, I had fruits and pistachio! See the small mandarin oranges?
 Here's how it looks with hubs behind the small peeled orange. It's big enough to cover hub's face!!!


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