Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Reno@Bt Timah - Kitchen Study options

A family of three recently purchased a second hand apartment in one of Singapore's prime housing estate. They required a major overhaul for upstairs and downstairs. One of the priority was to have well adequate ventilation and lighting. The design focus mainly on the public areas and the constraint was to marry the flying beams with the new layout. The brief called for a new toilet, helper's room and a spacious kitchen with a laundry yard area.

stay tune for more updates!


Reno@Geylang 4room HDB Model A - The beginnings

An asymmetric floor plan which is quite the extraordinary.
A bachelor who lives with his aged parents.
To revamp, revitalise, refresh the existing flat which has been rented out for years.

Reno will start in about 3 weeks time.

can't wait to see its transformation.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Reno@Bishan Maisonette - Electrical works and bathrooms!

Here's a quick view of the kitchen area, there's going to false ceiling so all the electrical wirings are hanging loose from the ceiling now.
The common bathroom downstairs is near completion with the WC, sink and instant shower installed. Will wait for the false ceiling to be up next!
 Storage water heater installed in the foyer area
 A/C trunking laid for all the bedrooms upstairs

Last but not least!
Here are some photos of the upstairs bathrooms which is near completion too! All the wall and floor tiles are laid, water pipes laid and WC too!
Carpentry is going to start soon.
For all the bathrooms, we are using a tile insert floor trap which looks super sleek as compared to the regular stainless steel ones.

Ritey! I'm off to do some cadding work now since my 2 boys are asleep!


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Reno@Toh Yi Maisonette - Electrical works completed!

 False ceiling materials have arrived on site. Will start Monday!
 Kitchen: all the loose wirings are in placed.

 Storage water heater installed
 A/C trunking laid for all the bedrooms upstairs and loose wirings too

Reno@Kim Keat - Bathroom updates

it's another rainy day at Kim Keat again! and I truly apologize for the harsh photos because it's quite dark here. But the main thing of our visit today is that the wall tiles are up from what we saw last week which was only the plastering works. And the shower alcove wall is erected and waiting to set  for both the common and master bathrooms. The shower area will have a feature wall for both bathrooms and the rest of the bathroom will be finished in a supreme white tile that will make the small bathrooms appear spacious and bright.

Besides the bathroom updates, the kitchen and yard are in the midst of putting on their "foundation" before the real make up!

 Above: guy plastering the yard area.
ritey ho!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Reno@T Maisonette - Renderings of downstairs!

Missed posting these renders of our T Maisonette illustrating the space downstairs, somehow I didn't see it in my folder. So here we go!
The design banks on the solid and heavy colours of the built works to anchor the operative units while bringing contrast to the white and light ceiling and glass works, creating an illusion of a wider space. The whites appear to be floating and seem larger than it truly is as the built carpentry appears smaller.

The kitchen in solid dark colours, inspired by Poliform. A minimal and seamless look.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reno@T Maisonette - Updated renders

Here are the more recent renders on our T maisonette project where there's a change in the colour palette.

Look out for the reno works!


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bali Day 4 - Off to Ubud!

series of crazy faces.
this is just what we do when we are free.

Day 4

Although it was a really long journey from Tulamben to Seminyak then to Ubud on the bus. Took our driver 3 hours to get there. Again we met with another hiccup. we were supposed to have lunch at the famous Potato Head but we didn't know that we had to make a reservation. So we were turned down at the gates, they didn't even allow us to make a drive in just to see the architecture. So atas right!!!!


so we had lunch at the famous Iku Oka Babi Guling in Ubud. It has 3 franchises now.
We all had the special set (60,000 rupiah!!! price has risen!) and I ordered the avocado juice which is more like a milkshake sweetened with chocolate syrup.

after lunch, we continued our drive down to our resort in Ubud - Greenfields Resort which overlooks the rich paddy fields with ducks waddling up and down.

Check in and it's shopping time!!!

my buys
  1. Uluwatu balinese lace top
  2. rattan clutch bag
  3. incense holder - 3 nos
  4. loose dress in dark blue
  5. 2 tier cake stand
  6. 3 tier pastry stand
  7. 4 bamboo bowls for salads
  8. salt and pepper holders - really cute and neat stuff!
  9. 2 hats - straw and crochet
we stopped at a cafe for a quick pick me up iced cafe latte before we trotted on to Pasar Ubud. Some of the stalls were starting to close. SHUCKS. wanted to buy a painting but the fella quoted us 800,000 rupiah for a 1mx1m painting. Hmm. we didn't know what's its worth and didn't dare to bargain.

Had dinner at the famous Dirty Duck Diner (bebek bengil) and again another disappointment, no more crispy duck!!!


So after my delicious plate of pork ribs which literally slipped off the bones, much like those made in Tony Romas and Chillies, I walked off my calories with yet another round of ubud's shopping street in the dark. Ubud shops closes really early like 7pm. Since I can't shop no more, I went down to Circle K to buy snacks for the night.

and tmw is back to sg.

so much for my easter break. so fast. so fast.

Hope you had a good break too.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bali Day 3 - Lempuyang Temple (Temple of 1000 steps)

It's always nice to start a post with a really nice picture. Don't you think so? Here's a picture of my yummy lunch!
Day 3 started really dark and early as we were going trekking up the hills and visiting 4 temples. Our breakfast was packed the night before by the hotel staff and once we reached the foot of the hill, we ate our breakfast in the rain. The climb was slow and steady. The weather was cool and drizzling. Not the kind that I would have liked because I'm quite paranoid with having rain soaking my head and end up having quite a migraine. But that wasn't the worst that we met that morning. It was the alpha male monkey!!! It bit our guide and drove him worried to bits as 2 locals who were bitten by the monkey had dead from rabies. So it was only 5 mins climb before we reached the top and we had no choice but to turn back down because the monkey kept on following our group. sigh. It took us really long to climb up to where we were...there were a total of thousands of steps. It was quite a grueling trek. Nevertheless, safety is our utmost priority and we head back down to the foot and send our guide to the hospital. We all went back to the resort for lunch and R&R the entire afternoon away while the rest went for their 3rd dive. Had an one hour massage by the pool, which cost me $150,000 rupiah.  

it's a 2 hour climb to Lempuyang Temple rising from 1700 steps against gravity. And I must warn you that there are ferocious monkeys who are very territorial about their homes along the way. The steps are of different risers, making some difficult to climb. There are pitstops along the climb for unfit people like me who needs a rest every now and then.

If you start the climb really early like 430am, good to wear long sleeves and pants to keep warm as early morning up the mountains can be quite cold. If you are starting late, then you can forget about keeping warm cos the climb will definitely cause you lots of perspiration.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Bali Day 2 - Dive & Snorkel

Bali Day 2 Itinerary:

Continental Breakfast
  • juice or fruit platter
  • coffee or tea
  • sausages or bacon
  • your choice of eggs 
  • basket of 3 types of bread 
  • honey, jam and butter

Diving & Snorkeling 


Day trip out
Pitstop for durians
Paddy Fields Photo taking
Water Garden
Water Palace

Celebratory Fish dinner for birthday girl - Fish soup, Fish Otak, BBQ Fish and vegetables on the side with rice.

Here are the photos!

Tulamben is a small fishing village on the north-east coast of Bali and it is among the most popular dive sites on Bali since the wreck of the Liberty, a US Army Transport ship torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1942. 

The beach is covered with black sand, just like the ones in Lovina.

The Wreak lies in shallow water and the ship rests in 30 metres of water. The highest point of the wreck tops out about 5m from the surface!! So actually it's perfect for snorkelers like me too because everything is lifted off the seabed. The waters were crystal clear in the early morning and I could see many fishes swimming beside me and I even caught sight of a sea turtle who was so huge!!!


Stay tune for Bali Day 3!


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