Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hougang Maisonette - kitchen layout options

here are a few kitchen layout options which we were and are currently working on.

Hougang Maisonette - Initial Renderings

Almost 2 weeks have passed over the Lunar New Year and we met up with Iron Lady Chef to go through with some of our proposals for her new place.

After going through the 4 proposals, she chose Option 4 but we continued to work on both Option 1 & 4 as we felt that both options has their own merits and it would be better to see both options in 3D as it will give one a better sense of the spatial qualities.

here's a quick look from the dining area.


Looking from the kitchen


Looking towards the kitchen and yard


Saturday, February 23, 2013

DIY- Leather Lunch Bag

 hub's leather and toolkit. what's that little thing on top of the piece of leather?
 it's where the leather is from.
 ta-duh! hub's finished product - a lunch bag for me. :)

Marimekko print on my wall

DIY - Framing our Marimekko print fabric

I bought a piece of Marimekko print from Hokkaido and I can't wait to frame it up on my wall. We have been using our Amsterdam Van Gogh poster over 3 years now and it's time for change. And I really love the refreshing colours of this lemony lime Marimekko print.

 Me: oh no...I don't think I like it portrait honey...
 don't you think it might look better if it was landscape? much better....
the yellow and lime green hues makes me hungry! 
Definitely a great place to put - just in front of our dining table.

click here for the Before After photos!

Home - Dotty Cushions

 details of my cushions - love the floral button.

Stirling HDB Terrace - Before After Dining area



Lunch at Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade Yu Sheng 鱼生.
Their Yu Sheng has no green! Totally no speck of green can be found in this dish. I thought there were suppose to have some cucumber shreds and green pickled thingy yah?
But at Crystal Jade it's totally being replaced by fried taro strips and carrot.

The taste was ok.
But I still miss the crunchiness of a cucumber.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Stirling HDB terrace - Moose shape clock

Here's a new clock where we bought from Oddjects. One evening we were shopping at Great World City and there was a bazaar held at the atrium space and one of the vendors happened to be Oddjects and they were selling this moose shaped clock which hubs thought was so cute.

we didn't really have a space for it yet when we bought it but thought that we can find one.
So here it is, placed on our wall, right next to Jules' sleeping corner.
cute moose shaped clock

CNY decor - Lucky bamboo Shoots from IKEA

added more new green items to my vase of lunar new year decorations.
This time i bought 2 stalks of lucky bamboo shoots from IKEA. 
A pair always symbolises good fortune.
As the saying goes in pair 顺顺利利!

Stirling HDB Terrace - How we transform our study area to a baby activity place

We finally sold both of IKEA Alex vika drawer units and keep the table top under a bed. Now the study area has revamped into a baby's play corner where we put Jules' bumbo, stool and playmat.
We kept the summer rattan chairs there to keep a watch out on our baby while he plays by himself...
 a cushion cover i bought over the lunar new year period. keeps me "breathing".
 heart shaped cushion covers from IKEA...some time back now...
click here for previous post on how it looked before.

Hougang Maisonette - Concept

it's all about cooking + living
Both ideas were conceptualize from 2 key elements in iron lady chef's life -  namely cooking and living
The original HDB floorplan has clearly defined each individual areas for their own purpose which did not allow the flow of spaces and openness which was something that the couple was looking for - bright, airy, spaciousness and no restrictions.
concept 1. 

Looking at the elongated floorplan, we set out to divide it into 2 vertical zones.
Zone 1 played on the idea of the extension of the cooking area into the living room as the current kitchen size was a little too small for iron lady chef.
Zone 2 was for the couple to rest, relax and entertain their guests and family.

concept 2.
This idea puts the kitchen fun right at the doorstep of her house while the relax area is tucked further in to the back of the flat. That way, she can entertain her guests purely at the front portion of her flat.
The cooking area is now a huge box where all the related activities will be amalgamated.
Zone 2 will be a lush and green sanctuary for the couple to wind down after a good meal.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Happy Anniversary Darling

this year, i bought hubs a diffuser from MUJI and a bottle of orange flavour aromatherapy. Because he has been telling me that a pair of hongkong feet in the office is making him nauseous.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

DIY - Upholstery of our Garden Chair

Our garden chair really needs a facelift and I have just a piece of vintage fabric that will do the trick!
So I got hubs to gun staple the fabric down onto the cushion one night and this is what we have done.
I think it looks so cute now! I simply love the bright colours!!!!

Chinese New Year - Hanging my 福 coasters

click here for previous post on where to get these 福 coasters.


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