Friday, June 27, 2014

Reno@B Maisonette - Renderings

Reno is slated to start 1st week of July!

updated on 1st July with more renderings:

Reno@Sembawang - Carpentry

Carpentry started 2 days ago and the morning half was spent delivering all the carpentry carcasses to the void deck first. unload and then bring them one by one up the lift to the unit itself. Most of the time, the fixing starts after lunch.

So by day 2 to day 3, we should be able to see "something". Yup...and here are the photos!
 Drawers with blum tracks all in. Laminates will be stuck on later.
The group of carpenters, electrician and hubs on site. everyone's looking at the position of the tv console cos that's where the electrician needs to shift the powerpoints and the carpenter to make sure he places the tv console at the right location. And hubs to confirm,double confirm, stamp and chop everything. *kidding*
Works usually start in the kitchen cos that's where the most work is being done. Wardrobe is done concurrently, but because this one is bedroom 3, so it will be the last. The carpenters have started on the master wardrobe first.
Above: Here's bedroom 2.
stay tune for the final carpentry photos!!!

Reno@ T Maisonette - Walls gone!

This week, our T maisonette has passed another milestone - all the walls which needs to be hacked have been demolished! YAY! So it's time to lay the tiles now.

Home@Stirling - Goodbye Rattan chairs

selling these off so that I can plan for something new! - A play area for the boys.

so sad yet excited at the same time.

Reno@Yishun Riverwalk - Floorplan

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Reno@Kim Keat - Metal works, Glazing works and Aircon!

After stalling for awhile, our reno at Kim Keat is moving along again! sometimes too many laminates to choose over isn't a good thing and getting different samples from different laminate companies makes the wait even longer. And after getting the samples, we had to find a time to pass the laminates to our couple and another week goes by before we get any final decision making.

Anyway the good news is that we are here to finalise the carpentry with the carpenter!!! And we have gotten all our laminates chosen and solved our little junction detail with the carpentry and contractor this afternoon.

(1) the 'metal' guys are here to install the pretty front gate!
specially designed and requested from our couple. The lower half of the gate has smaller gaps to prevent their cats from escaping!!! hah!

(2) the 'glazing' guys are here to install the windows for the yard area; and

(3) the aircon muscle guys are here to install the aircon units and compressor

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reno@Toh Yi Maisonette - Granite countertop bathrooms and kitchen

quick update on our reno at Toh Yi.
The granite installation is fully completed. 
Tomorrow the electrician will come down to install the switches for the backsplash and finish up installing the remaining lights.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Reno@Geylang - Progressively turning into a reality!

A bumpy start.
Our reno at Geylang started out pretty quick but we hit into a bumpy road when we found out that there was an RC stiffener smacked right in our kitchen entrance area. And we couldn't hack it away even though it wasn't a column.

So we had to go back to the drawing table again to see how we can solve this "eyesore".

above: the rendering earlier without knowing that there was an RC stiffener. Wide open space of kitchen entrance and dining area

above: revised render of the dining area with the RC stiffener inside, 
integrated with a seating bench.
photo above: here's how it looks in real life!
The RC stiffener which was not in the HDB floorplan. 
It was a funny "L" shaped column. So we plastered it into a rectangle. 

And then we found out about the "wrong" column size. 
Probably will blogged another day about the super long column which was not in the HDB floorplan too. That was a mistake by HDB. tsk tsk!

after that saga, which we went back to the drawing board again and quickly revised our floorplan, then our plumber told us that he couldn't connect the WC to the main sewer pipe because it has "dropped" into the ground. *yikes!!!*

And not to mentioned that we specifically chose 1 extra floor tile for the bedrooms as a back up and the 1st choice and 2nd choice both had no stock!!  So the tiling work was slightly delayed and we took one afternoon's lunch break to choose the floor tile again.

all the trials and tribulations. our dear owner had to follow up with HDB so many times for all the funny little things that has transpired over this reno and still find time to update both the contractor and us. kudos to him!!!

So I would like to share some really nice photos of the progress we have made for all the bumps that has happened in such a short while.

all the bedroom floor tiles are laid!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Gifts from kind hearted souls

received this from the mail on Wednesday.
It's from a lovely couple whom we met quite some time back but didn't engage our services.

thank you so much for your lovely touch.
makes my day and warmed my heart.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Reno@Toh Yi Maisonette - Almost there!!!

Reno@ Toh Yi has taken quite awhile (today marks the 3rd month running! and not to mention the time and effort our client has put in during the design phase) to complete but we must give due credit to both the owners and contractor as there's so many things that needed to be decided and to be done.

1) new railings
2) new roof
3) new grilles
4) full floor and wall hacking
5) fully tiled floor and wall for all areas
6) false ceiling, light holders, partition walls
7) full re-wiring of the entire 2 floors, ceiling fans
8) additional helper's room
9) full carpentry works
10) painting works
11) full parquet for all the bedrooms upstairs

everything is new except for the windows!!

and today, the granite is here for installation. next we can install our basins and taps together with our shower mixers.

our dear home owners should be able to move in within the week.

here are the near completed photos to share.

the beautiful slim black railings. Personally i think the whole flat has a black and white colonial house look!

Granite countertop installed on the kitchen counter.
Goes really well with the black framed windows. Kitchen sink is left at the balcony area, will be installed once the granite countertop guys leave today. Even the sink is black! hah!
 LED light strips for the kitchen task lighting. cool huh!
LED is the latest trend now.

 here's how the dimmer control switch looks like!
let's go upstairs...

 common bath - top mirror box installed and the swing doors for the bottom cabinet is in too!
master bath - same thing! Leaving the granite countertop and sanitary fittings - basin, shower mixer and tap to be installed later.

finally we can see everything in place now.


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