Saturday, January 26, 2013

Home Made Weekend Big Breakfast

breakfast made by hubs and i *heart* the egg.

Old and New Coasters

out with the old and in with the new.

the old mushroom coaster - Daiso
the new tree coaster - 100 Yen shop, Tokyo

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hougang Maisonette - SML...XL?

hubs came up with XL wardrobe space now. hubs is so Rem Koolhaas.

i think all the girls out there will cry.
maybe iron lady chef can start collecting tea towels, table runners, cushion covers, serving trays, dinner mats and store them in the wardrobe!

think stripes. dots. weave. checkered. so many fabrics out there!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hougang Maisonette - Retro hollow brick

i think this will look really uber cool in the powder room with small black and white floor tiles!

i hope she likes it just as much as i do.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hougang Maisonette - S.M.L

even though iron lady chef says that the walk-in pantry is the most important but i think the wardrobe in the master room is important too and we want to maximise all the space that she has in that big room of hers.

so we did a S, M, L study on the different layouts which we can come up with in that room so that she will have enough storage for clothes, linen, towels, bedsheets, his and hers wardrobe space...maybe even some shelving space for her princess!

OMG. 6.5m of wardrobe space!!! that's even bigger than mine now!!!

i think her wardrobe will make so many girls out there super envious!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hougang Maisonette - 1st meet up

iron lady chef wants
  1. walk in pantry, lots of shelving - organise. organise. organise.
  2. kitchen island - lovely!
  3. side to side door fridge
  4. stove using gas because it's in the opposition party. haha! so retro.
  5. loves ariston products
  6. deep sink
  7. wooden louvres plus glass railing overlooking staircase. great idea. l love overlooking.
  8. ceiling fan -  a treehugger. 
  9. queen size bed in master
  10. shoe closet at entrance
  11. balcony to change floor tiles
  12. dining to have 6 pax
  13. main door grille to change
  14. top load washer - hmm, shelving at the top for detergent will have to go higher. nvm she is quite tall and so is her partner.
  15. powder room - yay! cos the common bath is so small. i think we can do something uber cool here. since there's nobody going to shower here.

iron lady chef has mood images to share!
(+) she knows what she wants.
(+) good! at least that will get us somewhere.
(+) i think we share similar design styles.

(-) shoe string budget. will have to work around it.
(-) there's a roof over the balcony so can't overlook from master to balcony below. well at least it's weatherproof! Just have to clean the roof or do some painting works.

did some sketches for her during our 1st meet up.
so exciting! 

Chinese New Year decor from IKEA

I just purchased some felt coasters from IKEA. It comes in 2 sizes and only one design.  The small coasters came 4 in a pack while the bigger one came 2 in a pack.
Here's what i have done to it -

I tied one of the coasters to my flower vase and added some red cherry blossom sprigs. And at the bottom of the vase, I placed the bigger felt coaster.

The remaining 3 coasters, I tied to another vase of mine with huge flowers. Will take some photos and post later.

click for photos!

Happy Lunar New Year!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Hougang Maisonette - more emails

she has a dog!!!

does it need a room?

i think all dog lovers are nice people right? like me. ah-hem.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Hougang Maisonette - floorplan

just after the new year, I received a floorplan from the iron chef lady.

ooo.... this floorplan is slightly different from the one which we did in Serangoon.

random thoughts in my head.

(+) The bedroom can overlook into their own balcony! Interesting!!! can do a really nice landscaped lushed area to overlook in.
(+) kitchen looks huge!
(+) utility can be the walk-in pantry, link to the kitchen

(-)  yard is quite small.
(-) master bath looks small.
(-) common bath on 1st storey is small too, if expand then no more yard!!!


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