Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Reno@Fernvale - Hacking completed!

 WC and sink removed. All ready for overlay of tiles!

 Kitchen wall hacked!

Today hubs went through the wet works and electrical works with contractor and electrician...and yup, that's our electrician in the picture just kidding. Think he doesn't know that he is in the picture!

Reno@53LB - electrical works

Reno@S3 Maisonette - Floor Plan

here's how it will look once the reno is completed!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Reno@T3 Maisonette - Final League now....

The plastering of the entire flat is completed! Phew. like finally. So it's a general clean up before the carpentry comes in, which also means there's going to be a lull period of about 2 weeks before we really get to see any action going on again.

Many of my clients ask me which is my most memorable reno. It may not be the most perfect or prettiest but it was the one that brought us here today. And it's because of that particular project that spun projects like Kovan Maisonette, B Maisonette and even this one  - T3 Maisonette!

it's almost like a cult culture.
 Picture of the week!
 Really love the existing marble flooring with the timber staircase and freshly coat of new paint.

 Above: another photo which i really love for T3 Maisonette. Purist form of the staircase.

...and other photos to document the reno progress
ok folks.
it's 2am now.
i'm going off to bed now.
it's another monday,
another day at site.

catch up end of the week?


Reno@T3 Maisonette - Existing classic timber doors

i think the existing doors are super cute!
They are in good condition and it's such a waste to throw them away.

Reno@T3 Maisonette - Painting!

Partition and Painting works done
Our last visit saw all the aircon works completed and within the week, all the light holders for the ceiling has been done up together with the painting. Now it's leaving us to coordinate the carpentry works with the carpenter so that we can start fabrication in the factory.

 Above: Son's room with accent wall in grey

Above: Daughter's room accent wall in nude

Above: Master bedroom in full white.

Reno@T3 Maisonette - Before & After Box up

2 weeks ago, i was looking at the lourve above the bedroom door and told myself that this got to be sealed up. If not the A/C will leak out which means more energy wasted to cool the room. And now it's boxed up and plastered. Plus 1st coat of painting is completed and the door frames are looking fresh and white.

Reno@T2 Maisonette - Upstairs wardrobe and Vinyl Flooring

 nice wood looking flooring here!

Reno@T2 Maisonette - Glass sliding door at balcony

Most of the glazing works downstairs are completed - framless glass sliding door between balcony and kitchen and the fixed glass next to the sliding door. Now it's leaving the upstairs shower glass....

Reno@T2 Maisonette - Roller Shutter at balcony

The roller shutter is in already! And the owner has arranged it at a very timely manner, now we can proceed to continue the carpentry works.

spiffy looking balcony - all cleaned up for carpentry to come in next.


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