Sunday, September 27, 2015

Busy Month and Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

To a Busy Start
We are starting on 2 new maisonettes this week. So watch this space for new updates on them. We have just finished tile selections over the weekend so it was tile shop after tile shop. Time passes so fast and end of the year is coming where many renovations are starting and hoping to complete by christmas, the New Year and CNY.  Yup. Quite a few projects are in the pipeline, some waiting to start straight in 2016. All I can say is "Busy is definitely a good thing!"... keeps us on our toes and make us want to spend more time with the kids.

You know how it is... the busier you get, the more you think you have little time to spend with your family? Well that's how I feel! So no matter how tired I am at night, after a day's work, I will still find time to give my sons a kiss and story telling time before they hit their pillows. And once they are asleep, we start working again on our computers.

Hope you all had a great Sunday albeit the hazy weather.

FYI. My 2 sons had a real swell time carrying their traditional lanterns made of paper, lit by a candle. Especially my eldest son, he was running crazy with his lantern. super excited. made my father-in-law hyper ventilate because he was so worried that the lantern would burst into flames. He told me that next year, he's going to buy the electric ones for the boys....hahaha....

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!


ps: in case you are wondering what is this photo all about, it's a mooncake box....

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