Monday, September 28, 2015

Reno@Punggol II - Air con works completed?

I took a lot of courage in writing this post and I believe sharing is caring. I hope to pass my home reno experiences down to every home owner because not everyone gets to renovate their homes that many times and everyone wants to make sure that everything goes right and smooth. So first I just want to apologize if this post might hurt anyone's feelings.

This is a first for me. I've never seen an aircon works considered completed with the insulated pipes left exposed like this in the corridor leading to the bedrooms. Now we have to discuss with the contractor on how to box up all these black looking pipes and the amount we need to spend to do the box up and painting.

I'm not sure how much our owners have saved on the aircon works but unless they are willing to leave these exposed, they now must spend a bit more money to box up all these insulated black pipes. If not they might have to persuade their aircon supplier to put in proper trunking to cover up the pipes entirely.

This is how the insulated pipes are being held up at the master bedroom bath entrance. It's being held up by plastic PVC covers at intermediate spacing apart and the plastic supports are not even cut up straight and neat.
 Above: See the last "support" of the PVC? (far right), they are not aligned to each other.

Anyway, i always see the positive side of things!!! 
I'm sure after the box up, the flat will look pretty in no time. Plus the carpentry is already in fabrication and our electrician will be here this week to start installing the lights.

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