Saturday, September 12, 2015

Reno@Sunshine Court - Shoe Cabinet Carpentry details

The entrance foyer is defined by a new wood flooring and full height shoe cabinet. The existing DB box is hidden behind a pair of mirror doors that reflects lights from the kitchen and make the entrance foyer looks much bigger and brighter.

 Close up on the insides of the shoe cabinet finished in colour PVC

Entrance door in the middle, mirror doors on the far right and 2 panel white doors on the left. Guess what is it? Yup! More storage and an umbrella compartment next to the main entrance.

The couple has requested for a closed kitchen, so we added a glass sliding door on the outside. Where the sliding door meets is another hidden cupboard space! Looks like a wall right?
Above: see! it's a full height cupboard just outside of the kitchen. The current BTO kitchen size is very compact, so this is an extension of the kitchen. Think of it like a dry pantry area, near to kitchen and near to the TV, snacks are within easy reach!

In case you are wondering, usually we will use these metal tracks for shoe cabinets so that the shelves are adjustable because shoes come in so many different heights!

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