Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reno@Toa Payoh - Happy New Year's Eve and Jules is here too

Yup, we are downstairs at the void deck, waiting for the contractor, electrician and soon to arrive partition wall contractor. It's going to be a big gathering at the Toa Payoh flat today!
The aircon guys (4 of them) are already on site, fixing up the condensate pipes with thick black insulation. The trunkings are really thick and huge!

Most of the electrical wirings are up already!
Lots of loose wires here because they are all going to be led back to the DB box. But first the partition wall must be up first then the DB box to shift!

in the midst of installation the trunking....
hubs. contractor. electrician. partition contractor.
the rest of the guys are in other parts of the flat not including myself, Jules and my helper.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Home@Stirling - IKEA limited edition Chinese Collection 2013

IKEA recently released a new limited edition collection for the Chinese New Year but it's really LIMITED in quantities. By the time I got to IKEA, there's hardly any left for me to buy! serious!

these are the only plates which i managed to get my hands on.

have you gotten yours yet?

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Reno@Bt Panjang Maisonette

 kitchen wall tiles in progress. piping works in progress too.
here's a clearer picture of the pipeworks in the centre of the kitchen for the counter
 wall erected for helper's room
wall and floor tiles completed for balcony

Home@Stirling - Going through a revamping period

After Christmas, our home is going through a revamp system part 2. Part 1 was exchanging the cot with the dining table which took a bit of effort because firstly the dining table was very heavy, secondly we had loads of data and cables which we had on our dining table, including our printer. Basically we work and eat at the dining table. So there were loads of shifting, plucking out and re-plucking in wires and stuff.

Part 2 was to move all our wall bookshelves and use it as a partition to carve out a room!!!
YES. we are getting ready for the arrival of number 2. So we needed another temporary room for the confinement nanny. So here we go!!!!
 Hubs: hmpppp!!!! Probably use my foot to push as well!
 Jules: I helpchu!!!!
Hubs looks down at the tiny little fella and sniggers.
 Hubs: ok when i count to 3. PUSH!
Jules: okie daddy!
 Hubs counts to 3.
Jules pushes with all his might and lunges his body forward and struggles and pants and even lets out a "HMMM!!!!" His knees almost reaching the floor.
Hubs to Jules: You are not pushing son!
Jules: WHAT! he turns around and looks incredulously at his father.
 Almost all our books were taken off the shelves to reduce the load...
dried up thing which we found under the shelf. eeee.

there goes our weekend.
more shifting this weekend and it's the NEW YEAR ALREADY!!!!


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Franc Franc Post Christmas Sale

I have a soft spot for cushion covers.

Reno@Toa Payoh - Merry Christmas and yes we are at site!

The mosaic tiles are up in both the bathrooms. The tiling works are fully completed now with all the plumbing pipes concealed, and more pipes works for the A/C are also laid, really for the aircon supplier to come next.

 The the black piping? It's for the A/C.

All the floor tiles are protected now with dangling wires all around. The electrician is going to come soon, together with the contractor and carpenter later. Today we settled all the electrician points and how to lay it within the flat and going through all the carpentry works with the carpenter.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

This is going to be a really long post of pictures, revelry that dragged from 630pm to 1030pm!!!
As usual, I have a really nice christmas wreath as my centrepiece for dinner, decorated items from Daiso and IKEA. This year, I've added a potpurri bird container from Franc Franc in the centre of the centrepiece.

My soup and salad plate both from Daiso and the silver baubble from Franc Franc, bringing all the bling to the table.
 My polka dotty placemat is from Franc Franc too!

Jules is very busy with his hammer...trying to find things to fix this christmas and under our christmas tree are loads of presents to be given away! This year as the same as last year, we are having Rosemary turkey from Cold Storage which we ordered way in advance. It's a package that comes with ham and stuffing plus 2 bottles of sparkling juice because I can't have any red wine - sob sob.

 So in the oven, we are roasting some veggies for the salad and heating up the turkey for 20mins.
 A family picture before my parents arrive. we are in dinosaur tees today!!!

And i did some garlic buttered crotons in the air fryer, set at 180 degrees for 5mins and it turned out quite good! What i did was to spread the garlic spread on a slice of bread, cut into small bits and toss it in a bowl of olive oil and air fry it! So simple!!!

2 photos of me and hubs while we wait for my parents to come. They are late!!! And when my mum finally arrived she told me she was late because she was doing last minute shopping for my dad.

Sounds familiar because when I was preparing our salad, hubs took 45mins off to go find a Christmas present for me too! He said he wanted to have a present for me under the tree. oh...it's really sweet of him!!! We have made each other a pair of spectacles but it wouldn't be ready before Christmas. So we didn't managed to have it under the tree...but i secretly when out during lunchtime and got him a present on the eve of Christmas eve. So he felt really bad and wanted me to open a present too on Christmas eve.
 Jules rubbing the train on his feet because he saw his dad doing it!!!
 My starter for our christmas eve dinner - clam chowder with crotons!
And we opened a bottle of the sparkling juice to toast to Christmas!!! Jules is having his christmas dinner with us too, but we only gave him pieces of turkey. That's all he is having!

After we had my roasted veggie salad, it's time to take the bird out!!! and hubs is cutting the turkey into half first before we serve it at the dining table because it is so huge and it's really impossible for all of us to finish it by tonight.

we are going to give a quarter of the turkey to my parents with the ham and stuffing. Tomorrow we are going to Turkey porridge for lunch and Turkey sandwich for supper.
My mum talking to Jules...and look at Jules' expression! In disbelief at what his grandma is telling him about some other relatives' baby grandson is potty train at age of 1 and Jules is already 1.5 years and still wearing diapers. Shame on you Jules!!!
 Jules: NO! i don't believe you that he is not wearing diapers!!!

And Jules couldn't sit still for long in his baby chair, decides to walk around inspecting what the rest are doing. He checks out his grandpa who shows hims the turkey drumstick.

 Dinner is over and it's time to exchange presents!!!

We bought Jules a vegetable set that can cut into half to teach him all about cooking preparation. So he's enjoying himself here, learning how to use the plastic knife and chopping board, cutting up his veggies.

 Hubs bought me a clarisonic! WOW! I really didn't expect this!!!
 And I bought hubs a Philips shave christmas bundle that comes with an electronic toothbrush.

And we also bought a shopping trolley with loads of shopping items for Jules and he loves it to bits!!! All the boys put their heads together to assemble the shopping cart.

 Boys at work
From Jules' grandparents, they bought him 2 trains and it can talk and light up! Jules brought it up to bed that night.

From my parents, they bought us this really cute limited edition Nespresso cups which shaped like the nespresso capsules and a 4 piece glassware with stirrer. Really pretty where we can serve coffee float in!


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