Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Lunar New Year!

Will update my blog posts after the 4 Feb 2014!
Until then, to all my readers...

Happy Lunar New Year!

Reno@Bt Panjang - Aircon piping works

aircon trunking in the kitchen (left)
 over the week, the aircon trunking and condensate pipes are being installed.
 Here's a look at the huge amount of insulated pipeworks in the living areas

 Aircon trunking upstairs.
And they are all terminating at the master room false ceiling area, comes right down along the wall (right) and under the window area and out to the condenser unit.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Reno@Toa Payoh - Vento Fan

Hello little one!
Cath Kidston mum has gotten this fan too!!!

Reno@Toa Payoh - Bathroom updates

Master bath - Top and bottom vanity counter

Common bath - Top and bottom vanity counter with lights on!

Powerpoint with concealed trunking. Neat huh!

Huge storage area for all the essential facial needs, make up etc.

(left of photo) Even the light switches have no trunking!!!!

Close up on the light switches. Neat!!!

WC looks really sleek here! Complete with bidet and toilet paper roll holder.


ps: stay tune for the final photos which I hope I can post before CNY! and I'm off to bed now. It's almost 730am.

Reno@Toa Payoh - Entrance & Breakfast counter

Updates on the entrance pattern floor tiles! They are finished and so is the shoe cabinet too! I simply love the lights that are flushing down underneath the bench and the shoe cabinet. Brings a warm glow to the whole place and adds a lovely hue to the blue pattern tiles.

As the place is still in the midst of cleaning up and people are walking all around as there are quite a few deliveries being made here, I only had some time to quickly snap a few shots here and there. Can't be barging the entrance doorway all the time especially I'm like twice the size of a normal human now. hahaha...
Above:  Really pretty composition here.  Quaint looking main door matching the patterned floor tiles, intricate wood stripe shoe cabinet and retro chilli red pendant lamps. Now we need the solid top to come in quick to pull off the entire look! As I was standing near the door way taking these photos, you can't imagine the amount of wind this whole place is getting!!!

Above: closer look on the pendant lamps!

Reno@Toa Payoh - Wardrobe accessory drawer

i know many girls out there love these kind of things!!! Well so do I!

Reno@Toa Payoh - tv wall, console and storage cabinets

It looks like everyone has gathered here for a big tv viewing but no....hubs, contractor and Cath Kidston Mum are actually trying to resolve the tv console because it might be a little too small to put in the Onkyo receiver as the frame is too thick at the bottom. Reason being, the bottom frame is thicker to "hide" the portion of the black tinted glass cover when it's being flipped down. If not you will be able to see an open slit/ gap of some sorts when the glass is flipped down.

Carpenter didn't tell us about this "extra framing" when he fabricated it, and we designed it at 30cm in height just nice for the receiver without much allowance as we didn't want the tv to be mounted too high. Cath kidston mum needs to put a woofer on top of the tv console which is about 23.5cm high followed by the mounting of the tv. She also specifically wanted the tv console to hang 30cm from the floor so that she can clean the floors easily.

Below: Here's an overall look at the beautiful tv feature wall with console and storage cabinets. The laminate here we have chosen is a very subtle wood laminate, quite Scandinavian actually. The tv console has a nice curvy edge to it with a white frame all around. Reminds me of a car design...that is curvy and sexy? Hubs says it has a retro look to it. I kinda agree with him!

Wait till you see the breakfast counter lamps! Those are kind of retro too which Cath Kidston mum has purchased online. It matches her cranberry Kitchen aid!!! And if you read on my earlier blog on the door knobs, you will notice that her knobs are kinda retro looking too!

All the switches and powerpoints are concealed in the tv console and switches to the living area area located all along the tv feature wall by the side so that we hide all the electrical trunking.
close up on the tv console

Reno@Toa Payoh - Kitchen works!

view of kitchen from entrance
Good morning everyone!
It's 6am in the morning as I'm blogging about our reno for the Toa Payoh flat. Yet again I've been bitten on the forehead and chin by a mozzie but this time hubs took only less than 5mins flat to smack her before she went on a blood sucking spree.

However now i'm suffering from an acid reflux and can't get back to sleep so I've decided to update you guys on our Toa Payoh Kitchen reno!

As you can see from the photos below, the carpentry works are almost completed now. The black granite has been installed. The electrician is here to do some of the wirings, hooking up the T5 lights for the kitchen top cabinets.
We have tried to conceal most of the powerpoints and switches. For the kitchen area, we have done up a partition board and all the wirings are going through this area so all our powerpoints are flushed with the backsplash.

see! even the powerpoint for the washer is concealed neatly into the cabinet instead of protruding out from a wall. You can't even see the trunking!!!

Above: here's a close up on the granite area where the 2 portions meet, there's a groove line over here. Not very visible from far. Even close up, I think the joint line is still acceptable.
 Dish rack and sink tap have been installed. Huge sink here.
Here's how the top cabinets look. It's actually in a shiny speckled finish but very very subtle. So when you take a closer look, there's a sheen to it.
The bottom cabinet is also finished in a shiny speckled laminate in grey.

Reno@Toa Payoh - Doors and Door knobs

Here are some updates on our Toa Payoh 5 room reno! The doors are installed on site, the frames were given a clear lacquer to keep the original wood stain colour. The doors are finished with white laminates and with a brown trimmings on the sides.

This is our first attempt with a brown frame and white door design in lieu of the well-loved black frame and white door designs which many of our clients are going for.
Close up on the overlook woody white door look. What do you think? I think it looks very scandi too, don't you reckon?
Here's another close up! But on the door knob which Cath Kidston mum has chosen. She has purchased these online and got our contractor to install it for her.  It's really quite quaint and pretty.


stay tune for more updates on the carpentry!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Reno@Toa Payoh - DIY IKEA mirror hack

Hi there!
As we are doing the home reno for the Toa Payoh flat, I came across this really colourful mosaic mirror in one of the rooms and I thought it's such a pity to throw it away. But I'm not really a big fan of colours especially this one over here...and so.....this led to me going online to see what else I can do for this mosaic mirror.

So today I want to share with you....
a little DIY IKEA mirror hack which i found online and it's really easy to do!

Step 1:This is the "BEFORE" look of the mosaic mirror
 Step 2: Tape all the sides of the mosaic with a masking tape.
 Step 3: This is how it looks like at the edges after being taped up.
Step 4: Next you want to put a piece of paper over the mirror parts and make sure you cover all areas before you start spraying the colour that you like. For my case, i bought a metallic silver spray from HomeFix.
 Step 5: After spraying, lay to dry and remove masking tape gingerly.
 Step 6: Almost there already now!!!
 Step 7: Here are some metallic silver flowers which i bought from Umbra.
 Step 8: Here's how it looks closed up.
And I give you the final product...*beams*
I think it's so pretty now! 
I hope Cath Kidston mum will like it and find a new place for it!!!

Reno@H Maisonette - Revised Renderings

Some revised renderings which we are doing up for the H maisonette. Currently we are in the midst of applying for the HDB hacking permits.

Minor changes in the layout of the kitchen and living tv console area for downstairs.
For upstairs, there are minor tweaks as the bedheads have to face a certain direction after the couple consulted with a FSM.

according to the FSM, the stove and sink must be side by side and the fridge cannot be "out" of the kitchen. The couple has opted for built in oven and microwave oven as Electrolux now has a great bundle sale! So those of you out there renovating your homes, you can check Electrolux out!

Newly added partition wall to block the door entrance.


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