Saturday, January 18, 2014

Reno@Toa Payoh - Carpentry works!

Jules is here for a site visit to check on the carpentry works. And it's so breezy in here. Let's take a look at the works done for friday.
The main gate has been given a lease of new life - a fresh new coat of white paint.
Inside, there are still loads of carpentry blocking the path to everywhere. We are targeting to finish everything by the Lunar New Year. Looks like we are still on target as we have 2 more weeks to go!!!
Side table at the dining area - accent wall is up too. The dining area is painted in Dulux Ribbon Yellow. Below are some update photos on the kitchen area.
above: view from kitchen entrance. 
Loads of walking space between kitchen end wall to the kitchen counter! Old flats are usually larger as compared to new flats. 
Take for instance the Yishun flat which we finished, it's really a compact kitchen that the young couple is getting as compared to this kitchen that we are doing.
view from window area. Top cabinets not up yet.
Sink cut out is done - here's a huge Rubine sink that Cath Kidston mum has gotten.
some gas piping works behind the kitchen counter. The stove cut out is done too! 
And the cutlery tray is beneath the stove.
Above: looking at the internal partitions. Cath kidston muum has requested for deep drawers to hide all her kitchen appliances. We are using all the soft closing track and hinges system here.
view of the glass sliding door in the kitchen
 door handle for the glass sliding door - cute round thing!
Below are some of the painting and carpentry updates in the rooms.

Above: Newly painted accent wall and ceiling for the son's room. He is soo adorable. In fact they both of them were tasked to choose their own wall colour selection. And when they gave me back the painting catalogue, they have put a doggie sticker to the colour which they have chosen!  This room is such a smurfy blue...i feel like sticking white clouds(decal) in the ceiling or walls now!!!

I'm thinking like this -->

 Cath Kidston's mum's daughter current favourite colour at the moment - Purple.
Both the ceiling and accent wall colour were chosen by her daughter.  As both the children has chosen very strong and bold colours for their rooms, we decided that the wardrobe to be kept as white as possible and leaving the rest of the other walls white too, to keep the room looking as bright and spacious as possible.
Above: Master room. Wardrobe is almost completed now.

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