Friday, October 31, 2014

Reno@B Maisonette - Progress updates

some photos to share with everyone.

Our carpentry works is almost near tail end now, leaving the final last puzzle to our reno journey - the roof. Finally we have gotten approval this week. Or rather we actually had gotten our approval for the new erection of the roof with 10 commandments to fill. BUT! our dear HDB officer did not even know that it was an approval with written directions. SIGH!!!

And to think we even called the HDB officer to ask how and why is our approval taking so long and what else do we need to supplement further!!!

without much ado...
i hereby post some delightful photos of this beautiful maisonette!
walk in wardrobe on lower bedroom

feature bookshelf and study desk
Our carpenter is really good at what he does! He even ran the wood grains vertically so that it flows from the bookshelf downwards to the parquet; running vertically from wall to floor.

vanity area in the wardrobe

kitchen is in progress

SMASHING RED study desk.
awesome siren red desk and black bedframe

cement screed platform bed
 wait till the lights are installed!!! Then the whole platform bed is finished!!!

tv cum game console
 A very long tv cum game console for one of the boys.
master tv console

headboard lights
Love LOVE headboard lights. Has this appealing look and reminds me of some of the hotels which we have stayed before.
here's how the overall master headboard lights look from afar! pretty huh!!

click here for the renderings which we did.
looks pretty similar to the initial design intent!!

Reno@B Maisonette - Pelmet lighting

Here's another post on lightings.

I do get inquiries about the types of lightings which we use for our homes. To suggest the type of lightings for each home is actually very different because different people have different needs and preferences.

There are certain types of lighting effects which we commonly practice is the pelmet lights.
here's an example of it.

Take for instance at the shower area, together with the downlight, the pelmet light brings a soft glow to the dedicated space and illuminate the shower cubicle. It plays on a different kind of feel to the overall sense while showering. Sounds incredulous but lighting does play a big part in interiors. It will definitely look very different if you use a ceiling light here instead.

it's not rocket science. It's some detailing which needs special attention to.
here's a big pelmet light to showcase to everyone. See how it glows and makes the whole ceiling brighter without an harsh impact on the ceiling.


stay tuned for more progress updates on our B maisonette!!
Have a good weekend ahead!!!


Reno@B Maisonette - Cove lights

Hi there!
TGIF. Here are some photos to share with my readers.

I know that there are some readers out there who were asking for some photos of cove lightings and how much does it illuminate the entire room.
We usually design one whole round the ceiling and here's how it looks in the daytime with cool light. Not white or warm. Just cool light.

It really depends on individuals and how much lighting is required. Usually just watching tv. 2 sides of the room light switched on should be sufficient. For children who are studying, then probably have to go for all 4 sides of the ceiling lights to be switched on to give an overall balanced lighting effect.

For bedside reading, then probably you can use your bedside lamps so that you needn't have to get out of bed to switch off the ceiling lights.

so there you have it!
Hope some of you have benefited from this post. :)
2 sides switched on

Alternate 2 sides switched on (along windows)

All 4 sides switched on

Reno@Vista Spring - Renders

Reno@Vista Spring - Option studies

i think many of us face this problem where we want to keep all the bedrooms in the flat (be it for future planning or resale value), yet we also want the master bedroom to have a size-able bed (most couples are looking at king size bed), storage, wardrobe, tv and perhaps a vanity area or sometimes i get couples who want a study area.

how to break away from the HDB norm?
This is a very common question which we often ask ourselves too.

but we try!

Reno@Holland Ave - Carpentry in progress

here's a lovely woody shoe cabinet which the owner has chosen a really fine laminate. We wanted to make it lower to be able to use as a seating bench but if we do that then there wouldnt be much storage left for shoes. So now it's really more of a shoe cabinet.
Let's take a look at the master room. Well! there used to be loads of ductworks under the window and now it's all integrated with a study table cum bookshelf.
 A small cable management here at the study desk area, using the same laminate as the shoe cabinet.
 Master wardrobe

 Vanity. Mirror doors not fixed yet.
 Bottom cabinet with swing doors and open shelves.
 sneak peak at the kitchen area. It's a woody top and dark grey bottom. A new combo which we are trying out!

that's a quick update this week.
stay tuned for final photos! 

xoxo velle

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reno@Kim Tian - Renders

view of entrance






reno starts 3 Nov!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Reno@B Maisonette - Carpentry in Progress!!

ho ho! there's carpentry at the doorstep today when we visited the site. Looks yummy the laminate!!!!
Even though we have gone through many times with the carpenter, electrician and contractor, we are still here today because more electrical works are going to be laid whilst the carpenters are working. This is the time where we re-confirm the positions of all the loose wiring that is embedded in the cupboards.
Here's a look at the walk in wardrobe for the bedroom downstairs. WHOA...looks quite luxurious for a small room!!! Keep thinking of the rental yield for this room!!! But no, the owner is not looking at renting the room out. So don't even think about it. hah.
 Here's the other side of the walk in wardrobe.
Here's the in-progress bookshelf in the common room downstairs. ooo...can't wait to see the whole thing coming together!!

Kitchen carpentry is still in progress - which is of course! because it has the most cupboards and drawers!!!
Master room carpentry in progress too...wall hung tv console up too! The carpenter is fixing the platform bed now, the bedhead is already in placed. Looking good!!!
 uh-hem..this bedroom not so ready yet.
 fwah! this is one big long piece of laminate. touch the cove light already.
Master bath vanity in progress!


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