Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reno@Kovan Maisonette - Lighting works

Today the down lights are almost all up. The owner has purchased LED downlights for all the false ceiling areas.
Here's a look at the kitchen ceiling and common bath upstairs ceiling. All the round LED downlights are up!

Above left: Common bath ceiling lights and right is hubs checking the light at the staircase landing. The owner has purchased a simple square white down and up light for both staircase landing.

We are using T&J switches for the Kovan Maisonette. The touch for turning on and off is quite nice.
Above is how the down light for the staircase looks like with the top cover lid is on, so you can't see the top light yet.

Foyer area upstairs with 2 downlights at the entrance of the common bath and here's how the common bath looks like with the LED lights turned on. We are using warm white(daylight) lighting for all the downlights here.

last but not least, with all the downlights turned on at the kitchen area.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Reno@Yishun - Tiling works in progress

Hello peeps!
The tiling works at the Yishun flat is about 70% completed now, leaving the master and bathroom areas. Here's looking at the entrance threshold where we are putting a pebble wash here, so there's no tiling works here.
Closer look, nearer to the window of the living area, there's still abit left of tiling works to be completed. Cabling works are also in progress now.
Corridor leading into the individual bedrooms, tile work complete and protected. Right photo above is the location of the original master door where we shifted to the new location so that we can have a walk in wardrobe area.

Above: the floor tiles in the bedroom 3.
Bathroom alcove wall is up too, now waiting for the tiling works.

closer look at the wood tiles we have chosen for the Yishun flat.
Above left: that's the new wall and door to the walk in wardrobe, all plastered and waiting for a new coat of paint. Right: relocated door and wall, not plastered yet.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Reno@Kovan Maisonette - Selection of laminates and veneers

Panoramic view at entrance
Today we are choosing the door veneers and kitchen cabinetry laminates on the spot with the home owner. So we are quite early here and waiting for the home owner to arrive. He's at the lighting shop now buying all his recessed lights.

Below are some of the door veneers which we have preselected from the brochure, so here the photos.

Below are the preselected laminates for the kitchen cabinetry:
Most of the laminates are from Lamchuan and one is from Billion.

Home@Stirling - Halloween Party!!!

Hi peeps! I'm all decked out in my witch costume to receive my guests!!! Hubs made a felt Batman logo and double sided taped it to one of Jules' blue romper. Hubs also cut a piece of black cloth to make a cape for our little batman. Then we made Jules wear his skinny jeans and voila, our little batman is ready for his first Halloween Party too!
here's our smashing little batman! Jule was very excited with his cape and went running around the house and trying to catch his cape.

batman and witch - weird combi

 my son - posing!

 Jules snatched my witch hat! and he turns to witchy batman.

hubs- in normal gear because he refused to do anything different. The most was he wore all black for the occassion. hmph. I think he is more concerned about his chickens in the oven. He keeps checking on them through the window of the oven.

 here's a closer look at the birds...looking all puffy and slurps. I think JUICY?
 That's our real big pumpkin at our door entrance. Yes people, the party is starting!!!
Once the birds are out of the oven, we started to put our corn muffin batter into the muffin cups. We are serving Kenny Roger style chickens with tombstone corn muffins!!!

After roasting the birds in our oven for 1h 45mins, they are ready to be cooled on the rack before we re-heat them when our guests arrive.

 And the first couple arrives!!! and we immediately serve them our ribena eyeball fruit punch!

My corn muffin!!! ready in 25mins after baking and I've added my tombstone toppers too!!! I think they look really stylish now to eat.

Awesome Puking Pumpkin made by Brenda

here comes the kids!! Kimberly is already 3 now and Kayden is 6, turning 7 next year. We have gotten them their pumpkin bags and filled them with lots of treats!

 The gals laying out the food that they have brought.
 Another eyeball theme - egg with raisins.

 Dessert - Another!!! EYEBALL asahi beer jelly.

 the boys getting together - male bonding time.
and the girls are gossiping away at the dining table - hubs took a sneak photo of me so I gave him a stare.

The kids counting their sweets.
 Jules checking out on Kimberly who is busy counting her sweets - stock check!
Jules: Aiyoh,you got sweet leftover on your mouth kimberly jie jie!


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