Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Her World July Issue- Best dress List

shoot location: haji lane.
hair and makeup: Benedict Choo

thank you HER WORLD!!!


Stirling HDB Terrace - #173 DIY Curtain Racks IKEA

Yes it's amazing with a furniture store like IKEA can do so much wonders for my little home!
We simply love IKEA because it's fast, easy to assemble and most of all...affordable!!!

plus, it allows us to spend time with each other doing stuff for our home. that's the part which i enjoy. Family quality time on weekends.

Stirling HDB Terrace - #181 Pebblewash aka Granolithic Finish

What is Pebble Wash?
It consists of a combination of pebbles and cement mix at the ratio of 70% and 30% and is laid on with cement sand or wall plastering. While the fresh lay pebbles cement topping is in still in
plastic stage, special brush is deploy to remove the surface cement slurry to expose the pebbles. The next day, the balance cement stains is to be treated with acid wash. Lastly the finish surface is then sealed with a 2 coats of acrylic sealer to protect from dirt and stains as well as improves the overall strength of the floor surface cum gives the job an attractive wet-look.

It's very commonly found in HDB void decks as it's a very durable outdoor finish flooring!!! Lately i even see it on the pillar footing too!

Why did we choose it?
Firstly it was an outdoor finish which was durable. Secondly, there was a wide range of colours to choose from. Thirdly there was a wide range of sizes of pebbles you can choose from too!

One thing to note is which we learnt from the tile person. (yup, where you get your tiles from, most probably they do pebble wash finishes as well) Is that the bigger pebble you choose, the more obvious and visible the cement screed looks in between the pebbles. So the smaller pebbles, the less of a gap you would see, thus a more seamless effect. Unlike tiles, they do not have a groove line. Plus, it comes in a mixture of colours, when it gets dirty, more often you aren't likely to see the dirt so easily. So it's really quite low maintenance.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace - #167 CUPBOARDS!

we finally have selected our cupboards maker!!! YAY!
Will post details soon!

and they are our local carpenters who has been around here for some time already!!! My mother's kitchen was also done by them and till now (11 years and running) the cupboards are still SOLID!

enough guessing on who is our carpenter...we have awarded our carpentry works to
Click here for their website.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace - #174 KDK ceiling fan A11YS

For home owners who have low ceilings like us, the KDK ceiling fan A11YS is just the perfect fan for you. Because it's "short" and relatively powerful for singapore's hot weather.
It's really quiet!!! and comes with 3 speeds, although speed one is literally SLOW!!! i really do not understand why KDK even bother with Speed 1. We usually have it at Speed 2 which is OK for us.

Here are some photos of our ceiling fan.

More specifications on our little baby fan:-
  • Built-in safety wire and thermal safety fuse
  • Remote control function with 1 3, 6 hours timer and sleep mode
  • Excellent for low ceiling
  • Ball-joint type installation (no hook required)
  • ABS material blades for better durability and anti rust

  • Model : A11YS
  • RPM : Low 124
  • High 261
  • Air Delivery (m3/min) : 181
  • Motor W : Low 17.0
  • High 55.6
  • Motor HP : 0.08
  • Motor Type : 14 Pole Condenser
  • Noise Level (dB) : 44.1
  • Net Weight (kg) : 5.80
CLICK here for their website!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace - #172 DIY Wooden shelves IKEA

Here's the shelves which we bought from IKEA. It comes with adjustable wooden planks which are flexible over time and versatile for different usages as our store has all sorts of bottles, gardening tools, insecticide etc etc.

and it's more shelving units from IKEA again. This is only the beginning as we still need another module to join to this one. however, as this is gg to go under the stairs, it needs to be "tapering" downwards. And we got to saw some of the legs away!!!

here's mummy trying to keep everything spick and span.

daddy is enjoying himself on the bench, while mum sweeps away!

here's wj sawing the bottom half away....

that's the final product after wj has sawed the bottom ends of the wood. So now it's staggered and can be placed under the little staircase. +smiles!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace - #171 DIY IKEA drawers

Daddy mimicking the aboriginals' didgeridoo

left: daddy taking a break. Right: Mummy has laid all the nuts and bolts neatly in a roll.

we did this for a solid 2 hours!!! and finally the 2 drawers and table-top was done.
Thanks to dear mummy and daddy...and of cos hubs!!! *MUACKS*

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace - #166 Gardening

mum and dad came over at 9am on a sunday morning to see our place. So was the florist!

before we eat, we must work first! So off to work guys!!!
dad and wj quickly started hands on with our newly bought IKEA outdoor bench. while the guys were at work, mum went off to do a spot-check on my place. Super kay-poh. And she saw my neighbours' new greenies growing out from our parti wall. of cos she had lots to say...

here are our new plants! all in a row, waiting to be re-planted.

pull-&-plug bamboos. instantly


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