Monday, September 30, 2019

Reno@31_Ipoh | It's a beautiful day!

daylight streaming into the interiors.

Reno@31_Ipoh | Common bath

Reno@31_Ipoh | Master Toilet in nice progress

Reno@Dakota | Sneak Peeks!

It's been quite awhile since my last post and I'm so glad that this post is all about pretty photos! The reno completed somewhere in May this year but we didn't manage to schedule a right time until now...but I'm so happy that everything turned out well!

We arrived in the late morning armed with all our stuff, not sure whether has the place been "lived in" condition or not. WOW! It was all spruced up for a photoshoot!! The weather was great with lots of daylight streaming into the interiors, perfect for photo-taking.
 above: the lovely knitted cactus, a souvenir from Scotland.
 above: Huge dining area with table set for 6 pax. Dining set from Prestige Affairs.
 above: lovely rattan side table from Second Charm that needs no further introduction.

 above: we did a kitchen penisular here to house a wine fridge and coffee maker. Everything looks super chic and modern here.
 above: white cupboards to hide the laundry away (when opened)
 above: white cupboards closed and you only see the built in oven and kitchen appliances.

 above: a small kitchen, blue cupboards, cambria quartz countertop, white subway tile backsplash.

above: a look at the master. A little nook left for the dresser drawer that turns upwards to receive a black frame mirror. The dark blue wardrobe is in the same laminate as the kitchen.
 above: towards the bay window, we left a row of bookshelf to house quite a plenty of books.
above: master bath is fitted with full wall mirror cupboard, cambria quartz countertop, wood laminate bottom cabinet with a sit-on-top basin.
 The master shower area showcased a wall of shell mosaic that is so gorgeous and luxurious!
above: The balcony is adorned with many plants,  a set of outdoor furniture with a lovely view towards a school.
and that's it for the simple house tour!
stay tuned for the Final Photos.

Dakota | Snippets

Just in case some of you might have missed out my IG stories on our photoshoot photos...
here's some to share!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Dakota | Coming Soon.

Reno@Dakota | Hideaway!

Hide Away Laundry!

i wanted to post this little cute gif image which I have created on my IG stories but it turned out to be a still image! Looks like I still haven't really figured everything out yet! LOL.

Reno@Dakota | Photoshoot

Just finished taking some really nice photos at Dakota Residences this morning. Actually the whole place was already spruced up and there were many lovely photo opportunities given!
Stay tuned for sneak peeks and Final Photos.

and if you can't wait, you can pop over to our IG account to see some live photos!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Home@432B | Dresser

For those who have been following my blog would know that I love white interiors and much of my master room is almost all white with touches of wood and gold. Here are some photos to share with everyone on how my bedroom looks like in the day.

click here to see Pre Reno Photos on how this door used to look like!
Dresser table and mirror are from Ikea, Kartell stone stool for my daily bag and what nots. My bedside table is Kartel Ghost table which has served me for 10 years already and has not discolourise at all.

My gold chair is from Taobao, faux white fur throw from IKEA. Seriously, what's there not to like about this Swedish brand who churns out fabulous and affordable home furnishings!
Above: a quick look at my bedside table. I have a glass of cotton flowers which is an anniversay gift from hubs, my rabbit lamp which has followed me from my first home. A black faux table mat from IKEA, a white dish from a wedding table gift. My tissue box is from Taobao but I think you can find it everywhere. It's quite common now online. I have 2 bottles of bed scents, one for a good nights sleep from The Body Shop while the other is from a flea mart buy when I was at Chatuchak.
Above: Round vanity mirror is from IKEA, pink peony vase from Taobao.
Gold tray from Lazada.

Home@432B | Open Kitchen

I'm still loving all the gold accessories at the moment.


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