Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reno@Fernvale - Shoe cabinet

 Above: Low bench cum shoe cabinet faces the main entrance.

 Above: Full height lourve door shoe cabinet with space below for cleaning robot!

Reno@Fernvale - Walk in Wardrobe (WIW)

 Above: pull out mirror by home owners. Brought from IKEA.
 Above: mirror pulled out and tilted to one side.

Reno@Fernvale - Bedhead storage

i especially love the lights...

Reno@Fernvale - Storage Platform

Reno@Fernvale - Pull Out Larder in the Kitchen

Reno@Fernvale - TV console

Reno@Fernvale - Kitchen

Reno@S3 Maisonette - Downlights in bathrooms makes all the difference!

Reno@S3 Maisonette - Wall lights for children's room

Reno@S3 Maisonette - Closer look at Staircase railing!

Reno@S3 Maisonette - Staircase railing

yup! it's finally up and so are the one big piece of wood planks for the staircase threads and risers.

Reno@S3 Maisonette - Updates on New Year's Eve

It's New Year's Eve today and we are here to coordinate the electrical works and the carpentry work cos today is the first day where we start installing the carpentry. Yes!! we are in the final league of the reno journey already.

Here's wishing all my reader a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR ahead!!! May everyone have great health and happiness in the new year to come.

 Above: entrance ceiling light

 carpentry in the kitchen.

The whole living, dining and balcony all filled with carpentry carcass! It's a maze out here. And it's the whole gang here to work too even though it's New Year's Eve. We have 2 electricians, 2 carpenters, 2 multi task workers, contractor and us!

Reno@Compassvale - More works completed!

 Above: Platform in living area completed
 Above: Partition wall to receive new cabinet completed
Above: closer look at the platform. 
All electrical wirings and lighting points hacked and repulled to new positions.

 Flooring all completed!

Above: Kitchen partition works completed too! Now we can start to do on-site measurement for carpentry works.
Above: The extended part of the kitchen into the service yard. Added windows to keep it weatherproof. Added a base for the washer and finished up with matching floor tiles. All the beam areas where the previous walls were are all patched up, made good with plaster and paint. See how nice the beam looks now!

 Painting completed for the bedrooms as well!
 Above: The new wardrobe area for the master room

 Above: Shower wall completed too for both bathrooms!


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