Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Reno@S3 Maisonette - FINAL PHOTOS

I think this home needs no introduction since we have been anticipating the final photos for some time now! We really want to thank the generous couple who made time for us to shoot their lovely place because everyone has such busy schedules, especially so with children and with so many things to unpack. The Husband is an avid collector of LEGO and because of our photoshoot, he has spend many nights trying to finish building his LEGOs...and I recalled him telling his colleagues that he has to go home and rush for his "TOP". hahah!!!


 lovely side table console which was hand painted by the husband.
Posters were gotten from Esty.
Tiles from An Huat.

 Haiku fan with round dining table and replica version of the wishbone chairs
golden brown banana cake - save for later!
 LEGO editions - those that TOP this weekend
 customised study cum storage table

 new glass roof above existing balcony space which they have created a family friendly kids corner

Entry to the kitchen. 
Sliding door with ornate details to match the kitchen eclectic decor.

 kitchen door knobs sourced by owner from ikea

 useful tip: small glass panel by the side for jotting things down.

 children's bathroom with brick tiles, wood tiles and light colour wood cupboards

 Daughter's room adorned in gold, pink and white.

 Master bathroom - pattern floor tiles and marble look a like wall tiles with dark wood cupboards

ok that's me signing off now


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