Saturday, May 14, 2016

Reno@Compassvale Drive BTO - Renders

we are starting on a new BTO project in Compassvale Drive and today hubs went tile selection with the young couple. Too bad I can't make it as my youngest son is down with he has 10 days MC..and I got to look after the poor little's just juice, yakult and water for him now.

Back to our project, the couple approached us quite some time ago now...probably somewhere during February this year? But things have been moving along faster now that they have gotten their keys and the defects have been cleared up! Last week we applied for the HDB reno permit already so we are all set to start works as soon as possible.

stay tune for the tiles selection...can't get the tiles from the car now cos it's raining cats and dogs here.
will post them soon!
Have a great Saturday everyone.


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