Sunday, March 30, 2014

Reno@Bishan Maisonette - Tiling works in progress

Tiling works have begun on the upper storey bathrooms. Currently over the week, one of the bathroom walls tiles has been laid. This week will continue for the other bathrooms.
 Over the week, all the masonery works have been completed.
above: More masonery works on the lower storey, here's looking from the main entrance. According to FSM, it is not advisable to open the main door and to see through the whole flat, so a divider has to be erected to block the view.  So we are going to do a shoe cabinet here!
Above: Hubs and owner discussing about the carpentry in the kitchen .... meanwhile i'm snapping some photos of the place!

ritey, that's about all the update for today.

stay tune!

Reno@H Maisonette

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Reno@H Maisonette - Platform bed

Reno@Bt Panjang Maisonette - More updates!

Here are some updates on the Bt Panjang Maisonette. The carpentry is almost finishing soon and the countertop folks are here today to measure the kitchen.
Let's take a quick look to see how much work our dear carpenter has done!
Above: Extra storage space at the staircase area and view of the upstairs foyer where you can see the milk station on the left and a bookshelf on the right.
 Above: Here's a close up on the milk station and bookshelf at the upstairs foyer
 Above: Common bathroom upstairs. The vanity mirror is up already! And so is the master toilet.

 And the couple was really nice to offer Jules a packet of Milo! 
He's super enjoying his drink here while he jaga the main door for them.
 Above:  Full height tv console still in progress. Doors are not in yet.
 Above: close up on the beautiful railing with wooden handle

 Above: Some storage after you enter the main door to the master bedroom.
 Above: Carpenter is fixing the door panels of the storage cabinet that is facing the master room door.

 View of kitchen. Spacious, bright and open!
It was breezy and sunny when we got there and Jules is enjoying himself by the balcony where he can see the pool and LRT!

Reno@Toh Yi Maisonette - Half height wall in kitchen is up!

Here's a photo of the current staircase. It is finished in tiles and the previous owner has built a wall with glass blocks instead of a railing. We are not exactly very fond of the glass blocks here so the idea was to patch up to smoothen the wall, however the home owners decided to hack the entire wall and have railings erected there. That way more light can penetrate through the staircase area.

 All the wall tiles for the bathrooms are completed.

 The half height wall in the kitchen is also built and plastered already!
All the curve edges in the flat have been knocked off and straightened too.

And the balcony walls are being plastered too!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Reno@Sembawang - Before Reno starts!

Let the reno begin!!!

Reno@Sembawang - Updated Renders

Here's one of our newer projects which is going to start renovation soon. Hence here are the updated renders. The couple has been very clear and decisive with their needs and wants for the home reno. The master bedroom will have a blue accent wall as advised by their FSM, in fact all the rooms to be in an overall blue theme except for the kitchen which is supposed to be in yellow. Which is the reason why we choose an overall orche laminate and countertop for the kitchen.
above: view of living and shoe cabinet at main entrance

above: orche kitchen

above: overall blue theme for living and dining areas


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