Sunday, December 28, 2014

Reno@Yishun Riverwalk - countertop installed

The louvre doors for the DB cabinet and shoe cabinet have been installed and so is the kitchen countertop!
 Open Sesame!!
 Jules is checking out the DB cabinet

 Both bathrooms are having the same countertop - kompacplus New York Teak

 anyone needs a male boy model with little hair?

8 Days Around Taiwan Tour 寰岛台湾游

Here's our itinerary in a glance.
The detail itinerary can be found at their respective blog dates with loads of photos! Just click on their days to link to the post.

Day 01
Singapore to Taichung via Silkair
-Feng Jia Night Market
-Back to hotel

Day 02
Taichung to Nantou
-Wen Wu Temple
-Sun Moon Lake by cruise
-Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village
-Check into Hot Spring Resort Hotel

Day 03
Nantou to Kaohsiung
-Ten Drum Culture Village
-Pier 2 Arts Center
-Farm Activity at Jing Yuan
-Leo He Night Market

Day 04
Kaohsiung to Taitung
-Pearl Culture Centre
-Fo Guang Shan
-Check into Taitung Hot Spring Hotel

Day 05
Taitung to Hualien
-Dapo Pond
-Guanfu Sugar Factory
-Qing Xiu Yuan
-Ling Zhi Centre
-Chi Shing Lake

Day 06
Hualien to Taipei (Keelung)
-Travel from Hualien to Yilan by train
-Shi Fen Old Street (Sky Lantern)
-Chiu Fen Old Street
-Tamshui Old street
-Shihlin Night Market
-Back to hotel

Day 07
-Tian Lu Art Centre
-Taipei 101
-Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
-Buy local products
-Back to hotel

Day 08
Taipei to Singapore
-Experience High Speed Rail (Taipei to Taoyuan)
-Last minute shopping for local products
-Taoyuan Airport
-Home Sweet Home

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Day 08 - Taipei to Singapore

breakfast was good!! so much variety and have roti prata too!! haha! Last breakfast in taiwan already so we spent a good time here and ate to our hearts content before we went to the roof top to see the swimming pool.

 took the high speed rail to Taoyuan airport.

 reached the station and saw this cute sign that wrote " KISS and RIDE" hah!!!

at the airport, waiting to check in now. we didn't bought much and only had one small carton of snacks home. Our luggage was pretty empty. Boarded SQ and waited a good one hour before it flew off and boy was I hungry. instead of having lunch, i ended eating on the plane at 5pm!! it was dinner already...and i was near fainting from hunger....
yup. that's all folks for our 8 days 寰岛台湾游.

HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance!!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Day 07 - Taipei

 Breakfast. And I found a heart shaped nugget! So cute.
our hotel faces the Keelung harbour and the hotel has stickers all over their glass panels to show the harbour view.
lunch was at Taipei 101

we had about half hours time to walk around taipei 101 before heading over to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall where we took some photos, climbed the huge stairs up to the hall and back down again. Rested in the coach and waiting for the rest to come up aboard. Saw locals feeding the pigeons.

 it was bloody windy here so i kept my windbreaker on and covered my head in case i get 脑中风.

that's me looking at my polaroids. dunno why it turned out overly exposed. sigh.
last stop for today is Ximending. Famous for Ah Zong Mian Xian. hubs had the small bowl while i had the big bowl. There's a station just outside the stall where you can add chili sauce, vinegar and garlic to your noodles. This time round, i think I'm more a customised to their taste. Not bad!!!

 back to the hotel. tonight we are staying over at Shangri La. sooo comfy! But i miss home and my 2 boys!!! Can't wait to go home now.

citysuper market is just beside the hotel where we got our supper snacks and i found this tabasco chocolate!!! SPICY!


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