Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace - #26 Updates

last saturday was the 4th submittal to HDB already. Comment: Please submit the (after) renovation plans.

But our plans are already showing the new walls to be erected in blue!!! what else do you want???

why can't u people approve/disapprove everything at one go???

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace - #23 keep keep keep

contractor says the ceiling fan still looks in good condition. Should keep. We also think : yah...can save some cost, then save. So we are keeping the ceiling fan. Contractor is also keeping the wall fans for us too, although i dunno where he is keeping them. hahahha....

Next, there's this little outdoor lamp which we thought was rather quaint and pretty. So we decided to keep this one too. Of cos, after my dad took it down and found that it had a wasp's nest attached to it!! My dad was pretty cool about it, although my mum's face cringed a little. Anyway, it's been scrubbed clean. A little rusty at some ends, but at the end of the day, we'll give it a good coat of new paint and I'm sure it will look just as good as new! More keeps are - the grill from the ceiling light, we're just keeping the grill which i'm going to use it as a photoframe and not the cover. Although my dad is thinking of using it as a fruit bowl! More grills to keep from wall lights too...which i thought had a lovely pattern to it. Although i haven't found a suitable function for it yet.

more ornate wall lights which I'm keeping, although still pending to see whether it will match my interiors at the end of the day. Also found lots of dead corpses - insects in them too...gross.

Stirling HDB Terrace - #22 GOOD RIDDANCE!


measuring the "imaginery" column which is not reflected in my purchased HDB plans.
We have heard about this legendary column which cannot be removed. And our PE has confirmed that it is none structural and it's safed to be removed. HA! But when we submitted it for removal works, HDB said that it cannot be removed even with a PE's endorsement!!! WHAT IS THIS!!! THEN WHY DO I EVEN NEED A PE in the first place when HDB can tell me what can be removed and what cannot be removed???!!!!

The glass block which i was trying to salvage. WJ tells me to forget about it. And the movers are clearing all my precious glass blocks away... they tell me that it's worthless. sobsob.

more photos of where my glass block came from...yah i have another meter box (the one with the lourved door) on the front porch too. That makes 3 in total. Great.

Photos of the false ceiling board being removed and debris on site being cleared in an afternoon's job. However, although hacking of the floors are approved and HDB ruling, once hacking is approved, hacking works is limited to 3 days only. So my contractor can only hack the floor tiles!!! See this horrible orange tile wall??? We also applied for walls to be hack and it hasn't been approved yet!!! And now my contractor has to reapply for hacking permit. And according to him, it's really tough to get another hacking permit from HDB. ARGH. I really do not understand why HDB can't approve all the works at one go instead of one by one. It's really frustrating.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace- #25 Clocks


KARLSSON Calendar Clock Big Flip
A practical and fun addition to the home office, this large, wall-mounted calendar clock combines an analogue clock with day and date displays that use the familiar flip mechanism found on indicator boards at train stations. It takes one AA and two D batteries (not included).

wj and i have been in search of a fun funky clock which truly expresses time in a HUGE way. and voila! WE think that the Karlsson clock fits the bill totally! So for Valentine's day, I surprised WJ with this clock hidden in our luggage cos it was so big!!! I couldn't even tug it under my bed as it was so thick! Good thing was WJ never suspected a thing when he opened the luggage as requested from me, and he grinned from ear to ear when he saw a box wrapped with brown paper.

will post more photos..*fingers XX*

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace - #19 More more photos

More of the before-and after photos
here's how our yard looks like, really small and messy after all the hacking works. This is not the final photo though, cos last week, the contractor has removed the compressor unit and the false ceiling of the slightly projected roof.

here's how our kitchen looks like before the reno works started. It had a japanese door divider from the dining room, which the previous owner had erected which the previous previous owner used as a divider for the master and common room. So recyclable!!! Unfortunately, when it reaches our hands, i was still cracking my head as to where i can put it, but wj doesn't want it. So byebye Japanese door.

Here's how it looks when the japanese doors are slid open to the sides, exposing the interestingly enough kitchen, adorned in orange-beigey tiles and turquoise door cabinets lined with woody grainy frame.

ta-duh! here's a part of the frame of what's left of the japanese door with all cabinets still intact, the tiles are gone though... and the next day, the workers have removed the frame and everything that was in the kitchen.

Stirling HDB Terrace - #18 More photos

Notice of our renovation works on our front wall, for all to see.

More evidence of bird shelter in our roof.

Contractor shaking his head at the meter box and control device rippler.

WJ and electrician staring at the 2 meter boxes in wonder. Bet the electrician has never encounter something like this before. Contractor trying to explain things to my parents....

and the saga continues...

Stirling HDB Terrace - #17 More accessories!

how to say NO to cute stuff like these!!! especially a dog lover like myself?

thank you hubs for the wonderful 5th year anniversary present!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace - #15 Bird Nests!!???

here are some of the photos of the birds' nests after the contractor took the false ceiling out.
some of the false ceiling are still left hanging by the thread...and opps, what's this on the floor??? it's part of the bird's nest that I was talking about!!!

more images of hanging loose ceiling light fixtures, wires and tubes...

the house is a ramshackle now.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace- #14 BEFORE & After

just a little comparison of what has been done over 2 weeks now...slow as a turtle.
P.R.E.V.I.O.U.S.L.Y vs N.O.W

GONE GONE GONE with the wind
the staircase railing is gone+old cupboards, false ceiling, wooden trimmings and UGLY floor tiles!

Stirling HDB Terrace- #13 STOMP!

Yes! the Renovation works has begun as our contractor has applied for reno works. So within 3 days, he must finished his hacking works. However, although hacking works has been approved, contractor tells us that our hacking works for the toilet was not approved!!! So he started hacking the floor tiles out, but the stupid toilet walls are still there.

So we got our PE to submit his endorsement plan of cos drawn by mr goh himself. And was submitted last monday, if by tomorrow, we still haven't heard anything from HDB, mr goh has to go and chase HDB! Cos this cannot wait!!!

hacking to the floor tiles....all are being destroyed here...and there was this little boxed up area which we were so curious about...and ta-duh!!! after the hacking, it reveals a meter box which every unit has AND a Ripple Control Device!!! OMG what the hell is this! alamak, because we are the corner unit, we have this stupid box that transmit the electrical wirings to the rest of the other 3 units!! WTF in my compound????!!! why can't it be placed outside!!!!

URGH, ask the electrician, he said that we can't move it!!
OMG so big these 2 boxes add up together!!! See the photo on the left, that was how it looked, and we (contractor, parents, ourselves) were all wondering what the heck this funny protuding thing was, really! it can't be a beam, it certainly is not part of a column and it certainly doesn't look anything structural to me. i mean what was the previous owner trying to conceal???!!! NOW we know!!!
DAMN ugly lor! and we really cannot have a wall which is so thick to 'flush' with this stupid box. SIGH!!! why we kanna this shit. Contractor also dunno how to resolve this. only method is to box it up like what the previous owner has done but this time for us, we will house it inside the common toilet so it will only be visible when u visit my toilet.
Double sigh.
To HDB: I really can't move it elsewhere???

more hacking to the floor tiles...and yup we know of the IC that is underneath our kitchen cabinets...this little 'hole' will be the ending of all our waste management. Contractor is now scratching his head on how to connect our toilet upstairs waste diagonally across the house down to the kitchen area. And our PE is here to inspect the beam as well, as this stupid beam is deeper than the others. See, my PE tiptoe abit his head is reaching the beam already!!! This is how low my ceiling is! So those who are 1.8m and above, please stay outside, this house is only meant for hobbits like me. For whatever reason , i have no clue again to why this special beam is so deep, but the good news is that it can hack! so that i can have a higher ceiling space!!! Good riddance! Speculations are that the previous owner wanted to hang the aircon unit so they purposely made a deeper beam. *sigh*

the hole in the wall is also another test by the PE to make sure that it isn't structural before he endorsed it for hacking works. Good good, cos we really want this wall to be gone so that we have enough ventilation through this long house of ours. Light and ventilation is very crucial to us.

okie, next post i shall blog about the bird nests which we found in our roof!!! yah , we get loads of shi*. and no, they are not swallow's nests, so no bird's nest soup for me.....


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