Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace - #63 Dreams!

with hope and vision.
i'm one step nearer to my dream home.
everyday. every second.

Stirling HDB Terrace - #62 Is black and white considered as colours?

things i love about this picture:
  1. circular dotty carpet
  2. round coffee table
  3. white tv console
  4. cement screed floor
  5. most importantly, corbusier's ribbon window!
image from BoConcept.

Stirling HDB Terrace - #66 ZOOM in on our tiles!

Stirling HDB Terrace - #65 Sequence

the first crate of tiles was put on the pavement before we walked towards to lorry. So we only managed to see how the delivery guy hoist up our 2nd crate of tiles and laid them down beside our 1st crate. YAY!

thank you delivery guy! ^_^

Stirling HDB Terrace - #64 Arrival of tiles

Our tiles arrived about 845am. The delivery guy took quite awhile maneuvering his joist sticks before lifting and putting our 2 crates of tiles down by the pavement.

here's wj checking the types of tiles...

and wj checking against his invoice slip, making sure the number of pieces and type of tiles are delivered correctly.

wow...i've never seen tiles being delivered before. Now i know! Comes in a huge lorry, on wooden crates, the delievery guy has this mini crane lifting machine which hooks the crates of tiles, lifts them up and puts them down gently. This takes approx 15mins for each crate. afterwhich it's your contractor's job to move the tiles back to your flat!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace - #61 Bought our TILES!

YES! we have made our purchase at Hafary. Tiles will be delivered to our place tmw morning!

Went down to Hafary during lunch time to made our order. Waited quite long for Travis (our sales executive) to put down his half an hour??!! But lucky he is nice and we are patient enough to wait for him.

Anyhow, we placed our order and they are going to deliver our tiles tomorrow!!!

Stirling HDB Terrace - #60 Exposed sewer

WJ spends half an hour in bed playing with his sketchup, a program which he does best= Solving our ugly sewer problem in 3d.

The missy is good at researching and surfing. So she goes away to find solutions. Hubs is good at building 3d models and B.Con. After some researching, surfing and decision, we decided to box up our sewer and meter boxes. And now it's time for him to do some 3d. And voila, in half an hour, here are the images rendered.

Stirling HDB Terrace - #58 Polaroids

Monday, March 29, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace - #57 Tile Selection

Here are some of the tile samples which we chose from Hafary and Sin Lek respectively. From Hafary, the tiles were all from China and are homogeneous. The tiles we chose from Sin Lek were also from China/Msia and the white ones are ceramic while the rest are homogeneous.

Hafary Pte Ltd
560, Balestier Road, S329876p: 62501368,62517537

The other place which we also went for a look was RICE. They also have a showroom, very nice. However, their prices are more expensive too. They do imported tiles from Spain. Italy and Germany. They also have stone collections too.

66 eng watt street 01-06 singapore 160066
T 65.6227 3456

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace - #55 Site inspection

wj measuring our boundary wall here now, measuring 1.7m here...hmm, still abit short. Think they will top up the remaining 10cm later with more plaster? And the door frame for the guest room is not being replaced yet. Toilet and store room door frames have been replaced already.So that's checked!
most of the plastering are being done over the weekend as it's 'noise' free. Plus the workers have plastered the wall for our neighbours too. Things are looking abit neater now.

Stirling HDB Terrace - #54 Kitchen sink problem


now that the sewer pipe has been positioned, and IT'S IN A DIFFERENT LOCATION!!!! from our drawings. This is because we couldn't shift the meter box, so the lintel has to stay, so the sewer pipe now has to 'turn' around the lintel and is slight 'eating' into our kitchen top area. And the result: NOT enough space to put sink, hob, oven+microwave oven cupboard and fridge!!!
then how?

wj now calling uncle Will and tells him of our sticky position. And we have decided to shift the kitchen sink to the breakfast counter,perpendicular to our kitchen counter top. Plus we have to box up this huge sewer pipe. Someone should really invent sewer pipes that are firstly and most importantly: SMALL and secondly: Not to have so many 'turns'. If only the sewer pipe doesn't turn as much, the effective clear ceiling height from boxing up the pipe would be bigger as we needn't box up that much.

Stirling HDB Terrace - #53 Boxing up!

we realised that there is simply no way to move the meterbox, after much resistance. Of cos I'm upset. But what to do, I'm not an electrician, if the electrician says that we can't move it, then we can't. Reasons being that the meterbox is not solely operating for our unit, but for the other units beside us. So if we were to move it, we need to switch it off, which also means no power for our neighbours. Needs a bit of persuasion and coordination here. And electrician also do not want to guarantee anything if something were to happen during the shift of the meter box as it is something which he has never done before.

So now, we are left with no choice but to 'box' it up and make it into something like a feature beam. EEKK!

watch out for this space!

Stirling HDB Terrace - #52 Tiles


our contractor told us to come here to get tiles:
Sin Lek Building Materials Pte Ltd
29 New Industrial Rd
Singapore 536213
Contact : 62834453
Fax : 68467928

Saturday home-reno went something like this:
11am: Down at HDB flat to do some measurements

12nn: Hafary/Surface Tiles at Balestier. Made some choices, jot down the nos and hopefully get a quotation by following Monday. We waited really long like half an hour before someone attended to us. Guy called Travis was really patient with us, bringing quite a few tiles to match with the choice of our floor tile. Beginning he asked what kind of colour scheme we wanted. And he brought us some tiles to show we told him that we didn't want those 'stripey' effect, not too much speckle like those egg-shell ones. Abit textured ...but not too bumpy! wahahhaa...typical singaporean rite!

And he did that for a good half an hour!Bringing us quite a few samples back and forth!!! Really good service. Plus there were loads of couples there too. So good business for them. Although i really didnt like the ladies there, as when we stepped in, they just stared at us and didn't want to serve us! WTF. (sorry i really couldn't stand their faces and they look so bitchy!!!!)MINUS points for the ladies there!

2pm: Lunch at Whampoa Food Market

3pm: Sin Lek. Service was very prompt!!! Didn't have to wait very long for someone to attend to us. WE chose our tiles quite fast i should say, within half an hour we were done. We were looking for marble looking tiles, and the salesgirl told us that it's so passe and quote: out-of-fashion. Told us that it was very 土。So i said cheerily, "it's ok! we are very old-fashioned people..."and then i think she giggled.

6pm: IMM, in search for a GAIN city to check out aircon unit prices. BUT in the end, we had FISH and CO for dinner, and only managed to check out the air-con prices at BEST DENKI. Best price was $3988 for a Mitsubishi system 4. And only 1 type of model.

Stirling HDB Terrace - #56 Updates

hi there! Just one photo to show our plastered staircase!

wet works targeted to finish in 2 weeks time! woohoo!

Stirling HDB Terrace - #59 Plaster!

more updates! New plastered walls look so neat!

Stirling HDB Terrace - #50 Round Dining table

The 2 'R's -
Round or Rectangular

Hubs thinks rectangular tables for dining would be 'neat' as they will be parallel or perpendicular to walls. Fit nicely into corners. However, hubs also thinks that round table will take up lesser space. opens a small dining area, gives an illusion of space.

Still undecided.


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