Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maisonette Serangoon - #5 Clearing all debris

the blocks and floor tiles are all delivered and we are going to start work this coming tuesday!

door and wall under staircase removed to make new ones

Pile of sand for flooring

Everything looks spic and span before the wet works start.
Fingers cross now.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Maisonette Serangoon - #4 Hacking Works Commence!!!!

we have gotten our permit and contractor has begun the hacking works!

- kitchen, dining floor tiles hacked
- kitchen cabinetry all removed
- kitchen glass partition removed

dining room and living room floor tiles are hacked out too!

Yard wall tiles all removed.

Wall between Yard and Living room removed.

stay tune for more updates!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Maisonette Serangoon - #3 Main door and Grille

to keep or not to keep???

Maisonette Serangoon - #2 Old owners moved out already

Upstairs master: Going to ask contractor to move aircon to above door...looks very messy now with the extended duct work.
Couple also requested to change all the doors to solid core timber doors - couple need their privacy because there are family members around to stay. Privacy = Make baby time!

Existing spacious Master toilet which we going to convert to 2 toilets - one for couple and one for mom!

Existing Guestroom: Louvre above door have to seal up! and Doors to change. Going to paint all the walls

Masterbedroom with small window beside toilet. Going to seal this window up too to make way for wardrobe.
To save cost, all parquet to rooms upstairs will be kept, sand and polished to give it a 2nd life!

Staircase to keep - we'll think what to do later...procastinate.....

The 5 wooden partition - REMOVE!
Diagonal floor tiles - REMOVE!

This is the tiny space(left of staircase) which we will convert to a dining area.

Door under staircase - propose to change location because we want to make way for some cabinets (more storage area) to put there.

Guest room 2 upstairs: Going to shift the AC to above door again. Door to change too.

Downstairs toilet...nothing much to say except CHANGE!!!!

Yard: Keep floor tiles
Wall tiles - REMOVE
Concrete plinth - extend for washer and dryer

Cabinetry - REMOVE
Floor tiles - REMOVE
Glass partition - REMOVE

OMG! so much work and so little time!!!!! O_O

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maisonette Serangoon - #1 Photos before Reno Works

Just got another reno job for a maisonette at Serangoon.
Here are some photos before the Pre-Reno Works...
The home-buyers are a newly wed couple who are looking at a low budget and timeless design.
Met them about 1 month ago before they had gotten their keys and they are really nice couple!!!
Getting married in Jan 2012 so i better start their reno works soon for them in order for them to move into their cozy new home before the wedding!!!!

Super cozy cos the sis, the mum are all staying with them!!!!

Currently Living Room area - which we will do a feature wall for the tv console.
All the windows and grilles to maintain to cut cost, though i really would love them to spend a little money on the invisible grilles which are so uber looking!

The current dining area which we are going to convert to a room for their sis. So we gotta find an area to make do for a dining area for a family of 6!

Next to the dining room is the kitchen, the glass partition will be demolished to make room for Sis's room wall....And we are going to do away with the kitchen wall tiles and floors.

Here's looking from kitchen out to the yard the retro checkered floor tiles...convinced the couple to keep. But the wall tiles we will remove and plaster them neatly.

Here looking from the main entrance to the living room area...quite a cluttered mess...and we are proposing to hack all the diagonal floor tiles away and remove the 5 piece wooden partition(to the right of photo) which has somewhat become a storage area.

Upstairs: Guest Room 1 - future Mom's room

Upstairs: Masterbedroom with attached bathroom

Downstairs toilet condition. I say HACK EVERYTHING!!! and replace with brand new wall and floor tiles and complete with new sanitary fixtures!!!!

Upstairs toilet condition: previous owner had hacked the wall and combined both master and common toilet together which now we had to replace the walls back in order for the 2 Rooms upstairs to have a toilet and the master to have its own toilet.

New couple wants to have a study room(future baby room!!) and a room for mom gotta have 2 toilets!

In order to keep budget low, we also proposed to keep the existing staircase...we see how we can spruce the space later...

Monday, November 21, 2011

i've been neglecting my blog for a really long time....but that's because,
I've just finished my Professional Practice Examinations!!! YAY!!!!
finally after 2 years of waiting, 2 years of filling up logsheets, 1 thick volume of case study and 2 papers for 6 hours....

now fingers cross that i will pass...

then i can sit for my last test - Oral interview.....



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