Sunday, February 23, 2014

Reno@Bishan Maisonette - Tiles Selection Part 1

Here are the tiles selection for the Bishan Maisonette over the weekend. This is only Part 1! Why I say that is because the couple is requesting to go to Lian Seng Hin another time to view more tiles.

The contractor's regular tile supplier is from White Horse Ceramic. I didn't managed to go and view as I'm still under confinement. Hubs went with the couple and contractor. Apparently the range of tiles is quite limited and they carry mostly ceramic and porcelain tiles but we are looking towards homogenous tiles.

Also the wood tiles selection was quite limited too.

So we are going to have another tile selection soon.
stay tune for Part 2.

here's more information on White Horse Ceramic Tiles


No.1 Sungei Kadut Way
Singapore 728770.
T 65-6269 0555
F 6
5-6269 0055

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reno@Bt Panjang Maisonette - More works completed after the long Lunar New Year break

After a one week's break for the contractor, it's back to work again! The reno is almost coming to 70% complete now leaving the carpentry to come in which is the final league.

Items checked:
1) False ceiling
2) installation of lights
3) painting works

Next will be some general cleaning to let the carpentry guys come in! YAY! and then we can finally see the outcome of this maisonette. :)

Painting in progress

Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Belated Valentine's Day Arrival!

My Dear Friends and Readers!

I'm proud to be a newborn's MAMA again!!!! *beams*
Introducing our new arrival, just 2 days after Valentine's day, arriving in the wee early morning and making a flash entrance into our lives, baby William James Goh. He's healthy, has all 10 toes and fingers, cries out with all his might, poops 7 times today and loves to sucks his fingers. I've yet to see his eyelashes yet, though hubs and I think probably he may have some after a while but god knows! So fingers cross cos his eyelids are so heavy and he hardly opens his 'sticky' eyes.

Meanwhile, please bear with my slow updates and reno progresses on my blog as I will be quite tied up with bb James and making adjustments in our mundanely routine lives. But I promise to update all our reno progresses as often as I possibly can!!!

till then, wish me luck in my breastfeeding!

velle + jay

click here for hub's pretty photos of James if you have the time! :)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Reno@Kim Keat - Updated Renders

One of our projects going to start renovation soon!
So here are the final renders. :)


Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines' day - New shoes from Hubs!

Been wanting to own a pair of Melissa Jelly shoes! Because they are so comfy I heard. Last week Tangs was having a 2 day sale and I didn't managed to attend the members only closed preview as I had to attend a glass supplier presentation. So i went on the 2nd day of the sale after my CTG scan at the gynae's.
It was not crowded but they only left with size 8! which was slightly too big for me....but i was so going to buy it until the sales lady told me that they have just replenished stock and they have size 7!!!!

OMG! i was so elated!!!!

can't tell you how happy I was.
yes. shoes makes me happy!!!!

and not only that, I did a red hair extension at Far East for only $5 (which was done in 1min flat) and bought a knotted necklace $14 too which I have been eyeing for the longest time!

I felt so accomplished.

Happy Valentines' day to all my readers! And Happy Friendship day to those who are single and available, please enjoy your day with friends or families or both!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Reno@Toa Payoh - gifts from Cath Kidston Mum!

Thank you so much to Cath Kidston Mum for lovingly doing this booties for my little one!
It was such a pleasant surprise and Cath Kidston mum is so gifted in being the perfect mum.

Bake.Cook & Crochet!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Reno@Buangkok - Renders

View of dining and bar counter from Living
Here's another BTO flat which we are designing for a young couple in Buangkok. Things that they would like to have in their flat:-
1) concrete wall
2) chalk board wall
3) Tom Dixon Beat lights
4) Bar counter
5) Storage space
6) Big wardrobe
7) Dresser
8) Long study table
9) Full vanity top cabinets in both bathrooms

The BTO already comes fully tiled in the living and dining areas, parquet in the rooms and with timber doors.
View of living from Bar counter

Master room

Wardrobe, Study and Dress

Kitchen - Wood Top Counter!

Friday, February 07, 2014

Reno@Buangkok - Option studies

Some different living dining options which we are trying out after we met the young couple. Trying to think out of the box! It was fun doing all the studies and leveraging which might be the best option for the young couple.

(a) Feature long bench with storage underneath, allows the flexibility of dining table to shift up and down. Long bench also serves to let guests watch telly, it replaces the traditional sofa concept.

(b) Island counter and dining area. Allows 2 way entry to the kitchen

(c) Separate living and dining area by means of platform and storage cabinets. Living area becomes very private and exclusive.

Here's the final layout which we presented to the couple where the dining area becomes really flexible and something which they wanted - long bench and bar counter. They can eat along the bench area, facing the bar counter or perpendicular to the bar counter.

Usually we propose feature lamps above the dining table but since the Buangkok design is so unique, the feature lamps will be above the bar counter instead! And I heard the couple is really interested in the Tom Dixon Beat lights too!


Reno@Bishan Maisonette - Renders Sneak Peek

B Maisonette is going to start reno soon!!! FSM has advised for the couple to start reno on the 14th Feb which is the last day of the Lunar New Year. However it will be only a ceremonial "reno" procession because the couple hasn't gotten their 1st appointment yet.

We are still in the process of tweaking the design to finesse.

stay tune for more updates to come!

Living and Open Kitchen

Dining area (i somehow get this feeling that I'm designing for a seafood restaurant!)
Left of dining area is a bronze tinted mirror finished cabinet, a special request from the FSM. And to tie in with the whole garden and fish pond theme, we are using quite abit of wood looking laminates here. Looks kinda dark though, probably we might use a lighter wood laminate to brighten the whole area.
Dining area with fish tanks and skylight above

entrance foyer overlooking to staircase and dining area
Another special request from the FSM, there must be a partition to block the entrance of the main door

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Reno@Buangkok - 4 room BTO HDB flat

Here's a new BTO flat which we are currently designing and the layout is quite similar to the one which we did in Yishun where you can read about it here

There are a few subtle differences between the Buangkok flat and Yishun flat:
  1. There's a kink to the right of the main entrance which opens out along the common corridor whereas for the Yishun flat, it is facing into the flat. 
  2. The kitchen has 2 windows facing the service yard which makes the kitchen much brighter
  3. The aircon ledge is outside the master bath whereas the Yishun flat, the aircon ledge is outside the master room

stay tuned for more updates!


click here for final photos of the flat.


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