Thursday, October 29, 2015

Home@Stirling - Setting up a new space (i can't rem what day into the home reno this is already!)

FAMILY AREA convertable
Hubs and i bought 2 small tins of white paint and started painting the wall ourselves. We managed to finish this DIY of ours in an afternoon. It took us about 5 coats of paint to finally cover over the existing green wall. Initially we wanted our regular painter to do it for us, unfortunately he met with an accident and currently now being hospitalised. Doctor has already announced him brain dead. My contractor is quite distraught and so are we.... we decided that we should give our contractor a break and not to hound him for putting our home reno off for such a long this paint job is quite manageable for 2 of us.

Once the paint was dried, we shifted back our Kallax (without the cushion), installed our printer and put some of our usual catalogues on top of it.  Yup, we are now ready to DIY our study table!!!
In the late afternoon, we set up our study table (Oak countertop from IKEA, legs on wheels from IKEA too) and managed to drink our first cup of beer once we put the boys to sleep.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Reno@Limbang Green - Laminate selection

Reno@Everton - Pre Reno Photos

Reno@53LB - Final coat of paint

 The dining area has a medium grey accent wall

The rest of the rooms are finished in apple white.

Reno@Punggol II - Handing over this weekend!

 The lourve doors are installed already!!
 Baywindow storage in the master

 vintage sewing machine legs, marble top not here yet. sigh.

Wardrobe door panels in! Finally! 
We had the door handles custom made for this home.  It's a rectangular cut out painted in blue. 
The missus favourite colour, as you can tell from the blue dining pendant lights and blue mosaic wall in the kitchen.
these tracklights are so cute!! look like microphones.

Reno@Punggol Waterway - Handing over keys this weekend

 Full mirror panel door for db. Last quick look at yourself before you head out. 
I think this is quite a good idea for DB. DB stands for distribution board. It's the board you go to when you get a short circuit. For most of the HDB flats, the DB is hidden behind a cabinet.

Living room feature wall 

 kitchen island cum dining


master wardrobe 

master bedhead, side table and bed frame

Reno@104LT - Till we meet again!

stay tuned for final photos

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Reno@B2 Maisonette - Loads done!

kitchen flooring completed.
electrical wiring done

bedrooms aircon trunking done.
electrical wirings completed

balcony flooring in progress
timber subframes up
bathrooms windows installed

Reno@S3 Maisonette - Tiling in bathroom almost completed!

 lower floor common bathroom wall and floor tiles finished in solid colours

 Master bathroom - marble wall tiles with pattern floor tiles

 wood look-a-like floor tiles and brick wall in the upper floor common bathroom
screeding bed to receive floor tiles for living and dining. 
Kitchen wall and floor tiles to start soon.

Reno@53LB - Carpentry in progress!

 display cabinet.  
hmm...The laminate of the display cabinet backing looks the same shade as the main door!
 Kitchen sink counter in concrete, finished with tiles and topped with quartz
 opposite side is the stove

breakfast counter

Monday, October 26, 2015

Reno@53LB - Painting works

 Painted White timber door

 All the bedrooms were given a fresh new coat of paint and full rewiring works with new electrical powerpoints and switches.

Kitchen carpentry in progress


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