Friday, October 16, 2015

Reno@T3 Maisonette - Platform Area for the children

Platform areas are a good way of defining a space and more so with the right use of material. The existing flooring is in marble which is very cooling to the feet but it is hard and cold. Not exactly the kind of flooring which you might want to sit and throw bean bags around.

For maisonettes, some of the layout have the luxury of space when the balcony is fully enclosed. So there's a chance to do a raised platform that encourages some form of social mingle that is not so formal. You know how it is like with proper sofas in the living? Well that's kind of a formal setting where everyone sits where they are suppose to sit and face the tv. With a platform, most individuals will be more adaptable to sitting on the floor wherever they like and move around...that becomes an informal experience.

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