Thursday, October 22, 2015

Reno@T3 Maisonette - Wardrobe Mirror Sliding Doors

looks like the same photo? hahah..that's because it's exactly the same wardrobe for both bedrooms upstairs. The only difference is that the laminate is different. The centre sliding door is finished in mirror and it's the outermost door panel, so that when you slide either the far left or far right door panel, the mirror door is still on the front and you can view yourself before you head out.

mirrors on wardrobe doors makes it easier for you such that you don't have to go and buy one to fix it on the wall yourself. And if you have a very compact room with very little wall space, then mirror on wardrobe is definitely an option for you to think about! Not only does it save space, it reflects the light in the room and makes the room brighter too.

And it's more convenient to use as compared to a mirror stuck on a swing door wardrobe (on the insides) or a pull out mirror in the wardrobe.

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