Saturday, October 10, 2015

Home@Stirling - New flooring

Just had new flooring fitted in. And i can't decide the wall should be grey or just white. Had a leafy green wall for the longest time. Think it's coming to 6 years already? Really need a new paint job.
What do you think? White white white? Gosh...i think white. hah!

We are gonna get some wall shelves next to put our stuff for display. Bought the IKEA ekby gallo wall brackets. Really excited to drill them on but first we need to get some plywood too.

Here are more photos of the new flooring. And no I didn't get a sponsor. I paid for my own flooring so that I can write my unbiased thoughts about it.

The installation took really fast, probably half a day to complete a 3x3m area. Just one guy on it that morning. He only had a hammer and a penknife. Hammer to knock the clip lock floor panels in and a penknife to cut the ends. There's no smell and no glue. I did an overlay on my current white tiles so now I have 2 different feels to the flooring. The front of my living is in the woody white look while my main living area is in the white 600x600 floor tiles which I'm happy to keep because it definitely feels much cooler than the vinyl flooring

Both my sons are quite happy with the new flooring so far and mopping is quite easy too.

Happy James on new flooring with crinkling toes at first

stay tune for more of my home improvements!
happy weekend.



  1. Hi, where did you get the woody flooring?

    1. Hi Sharyn, Inovar Flooring.

    2. Thanks, Velle. Is it vinyl? How do you find it? Thinking of replacing the bedrooms' flooring.

    3. Hi Sharyn, yes it's vinyl. It's scratch resistant and no grout lines to clean. fuss free. Quite good I must say. :)



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