Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stirling HDB Terrace- #7 Conservancy fees

OMG! the one and only joint account passbook we have!

actually i feel quite excited! i mean it meant that our little home has a little joint account which me and mr goh are sharing.

together we have small aspirations for our little home. doesn't matter whether how small our little flat it is, i think when i look back in time to come, i will always remember that this was our first home.

the one where we decided where the bed should be, where our dining lamp gonna be hung, where our sofa should sit...and the endless nights, wj is spending on cadding the reno floor plans...the days where we got contractors to come and explain how we want to do our reno.

sigh...good times they were.and more to come!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stirling HDB Terrace- #6 Dining Chairs

Louis Ghost Armchair
see this picture on the left? creepy huh.
that's why it's named as "Ghost" chair, because it blends into the surrounding and sometimes, it looks as if it wasn't there but yet there it is!

WJ and i have been in love with this chair for some time now, and now that we finally have a home to decorate, it is time to buy the furniture that we always wanted!!!

As SPACE was having a really good sale, we bought 4 Louis Ghost chairs on the very last day of the sale! We got 40% off the original price!!! So we were really elated with our buys. Actually after much discussion, we wanted to get the Victoria chairs instead as it was cheaper than the Louis chairs. But with the sale, it made things alot easier now, and we decided to go for the Louis chairs where there are armrests which wj thought it much more comfortable for guests.

Enough about our buys...
Here's some quick facts on this quirky polycarbonate chair:
Designer:Philippe Starck (whose works includes the infamous juicer, one of my first collection of starck's works!)
Reinventing the classic Louis XV armchair for Kartell, the playful Louis Ghost Armchair (2002) is a postmodern triumph of technical innovation and historical style. Translating the varied lines and formal geometry of its predecessor into a single form of translucent or opaque black or white injection-molded polycarbonate, it is a robust chair with not a single weak point. A generously sized seat and medallion backrest offer leisurely comfort, as do the subtly curved armrests. Resistant to scratches and weather conditions, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Stacks six high.

Manufactured in Italy by Kartell.

Kartell has a flagship store in centrepoint and is solely distributed at SPACE furniture too. :)

see! it even looks good as a study chair!!! hahaha...if only i have more cash, i would love to have one for my study and decorate it with a feather boa cushion or a floral cushion like this one above! SO sweet!

more photos of how camouflage this chair can be.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Stirling HDB Terrace- #3 Where to find a Sofa???


Alfa | By Emaf Progetti 1999
Armchair, monobloc and modular sofa.

Steel feet, chromium-plated . Steel frame. Elastic strip springing. Upholstery in leather. Removable leather cover with quilted seat cushion. Little cushions (2 pieces) in new goose down.

This italian furniture can be found at SPACE Millenia where one can find many nice pieces to collect. It's also the same place where we first bought our Bourgie Lamp from Kartell.

we really really LOVE it when we first saw it. We spend many nights discussing whether to buy it or not, finally we decided: HECK, let's get it.

and here she is...waiting to arrive in our new home. Temporarily stored in the warehouse till the new home is done.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stirling HDB Terrace- #10 ORIGINAL FLOORPLAN

Paid $5 for this crap from HDB (Toa Payoh HUB).
This was the VERY original floorplan dated way back in 1968. way way before i was born.
The place when we bought is definitely not like this! I really do not understand why they do not have updated copies whereby owner who have lived previously had submitted their reno works for approval.

our contractor said that he needed one from HDB even though he already knew that the one which we are going to get is totally different from the one we bought.

sigh. I can draw one that is better and much more accurate than this one.

oh. u don't have to personally go down to the HUB to get it, you can apply online and get a pdf version too.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stirling HDB Terrace- #4 TURN ON THE LIGHTS!


Made in Italy by Kartell

The revisiting of a classic: the baroque table lamp. The revolutionary feature of this lamp is that it is made entirely of transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate. On the one hand, it is classical, rich and traditional, and on the other, it is innovative, transparent and ironic.

The baroque style base is composed of three decorated layers that interconnect, and the large lampshade is make with a plissé effect, to create a myriad play of relections once the lamp is turned on.

Thanks to a special coupling system on the lampshade, it can be assembled at three different heights: 26.75", 28.75", 30.75". The lamp can be used as a table, desk or floor light and features a touch-sensitive dimmer.

Material: Transparent polycarbonate.

Measurements: H 26.75" | Diameter 14".

Lamping: 3 X 40W 120V E12 (candelabra base) Type B incandescent.

Designer: Ferruccio Laviani.

i love this little piece and so wj bought it for me! actually i wanted 2!(see bottom third photo where it's a pair on them on a side table) but i didn't dare to tell him...maybe I'll buy another one just for myself...kekekeke

Friday, December 04, 2009

Stirling HDB Terrace- #5 2ND APPOINTMENT

Our 2nd appointment at HDB Toa Payoh was scheduled in the afternoon at 3:45pm. What a weird timing rite?

anyway we took leave that day plus we just arrived from HK yesterday...
We are quite excited i guess, although rather 'tired' from the trip from HK.

We met our sellers + agent Christine at HDB hub. Waited at the lobby, took a queue number, saw the same HDB personnel who handled our 1st appointment.
Our sellers passed us a packet of keys. Triplicates of them...Front gate, front door, windows, room doors...etc..loads of them.
oh yah and the letterbox key.

we wanted to buy the HDB floorplan so that we can start our reno-works, but our seller said that she has left the floor plan which she had bought from HDB in her wardrobe. So we didn't buy that day.

We went back to our flat, totally forgot about the "pineapple throwing-open-door" ceremony!!! and went search for the floorplans and ALAS!!! Don't have!
text our seller that we couldnt find the floorplans but she told us to search again. Again we sweated through a flat without electricity.combing thru all the cupboards, even the kitchen ones. Still cannot find leh!

this time, WJ called her. She said: OH maybe my maid kept it!



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