Sunday, July 13, 2014

Reno@Sembawang - Final Photos of Kitchen and Shoe Cabinet

Hello Sunday Morning!
Another one of our BTO projects has reached its final league and today we are here to take some photos of the really pretty flat.

Above is the shoe cabinet and a perfectly chosen ceiling light by the couple.



 Shoe cabinet with my DIY wooden plaque. Click here for DIY!

A small gift from us to them. 
wishing the young couple and biscuit...
Below are some photos of the beautiful kitchen finished in nice woody grains and our favourite white. For this kitchen, there are no upper cabinets only shelves for display. What we have done here is to add some pretty small task lights under the shelves to bring more focus lights on the kitchen counter top. The hubs has gotten the power track and below is a photo of how it looks. cool huh!

this is our third home which is using these sort of power tracks.
 above: so glad that the subway tile turned out ok with the existing HDB 300x300 wall tile above.

 above: close up on the countertop and the matching laminate, specially chosen by the missus!

click here for living & dining photos!


  1. Hi can u share the laminate code used for the wood carpentry?

  2. hi there, can you PM me at Thanks!

  3. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Hi can share the laminate code for the kompacplus top also?



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