Saturday, July 12, 2014

Reno@Buangkok 4 Room BTO - Final Photos of Living and Kitchen

Hi there!
This must be a long wait for those Ancilla BTO flat owners who are just dying to take a sneak peak at how our Buangkok flat has turned out. Well here are some photos of the living and kitchen for our readers to see!!!



 view of open kitchen with small breakfast bar
 view of kitchen

 view of the living
 wall hung storage at tv wall with cement screed laminate wall
 small zakka items on tv console - pretty woody grains here!
 lovely vignette here - monochrome
i love the coffee table. has a distressed look which suits the living room so well! 
And the sofa is super sleek and firm.
The whole living room looks very modern and contemporary.
the missus vanity area.
very feminine.
chic and chanel

 hope you all enjoyed the little tour of our Buangkok reno.
Have a great weekend ahead!!!

click here for full Buangkok reno progress.


  1. Hi Velle,

    Mind sharing where did you get the wall decal at the dining area?



    1. Hi Amy,

      The owner bought it from ebay. Just type "house rules decay" in the search tool and you should be able to get it. :)

      good luck!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Velle

    Great article and great pictures. We are seller of the lamps(1st image) you have featured in this blog.

    Needed to ask you for a quick small favour. Would it be okay if we use the image on our webstore to sell these pendant lights? If its easy may be you can send us the HD image on our official email id?

    Please let me know if its okay and what works for you :) It will be huge for us.

    Thank you very much



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