Saturday, March 28, 2015

Reno@TY Maisonette - demolition works completed (running a race with our S Maisonette)

Tiles delivered at the void deck area this morning while we visited the site. There were 3 workmen working the huge pile of sand up to the flat, making several trips up and down.
All hacking of walls, wall and floor tiles completed. All the basin, WC and sanitary wares have been removed and so are the built in carpentry.

 Main door protected
 Current flooring being protected too. Saving the existing marble flooring.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Home@Stirling - Eubiq track

Reno@S Maisonette - Demolition works completed!

Quick look at our S Maisonette for this week. The demolition works are completed. Tiles are all delivered on site. Coming week, the new walls are scheduled to be erected next. Timber door frames are delivered to site too... all the electrical wirings in the old ceiling have been stripped bare. We are keeping the existing railings to save time and cost. hahah...I think most maisonette owners will know what I mean by this.

nowadays HDB is very strict on changing staircase railings, roof or any "special" items...and most contractors who are not well versed in renovating maisonettes will hit into a road block once they start to submit their HDB reno permit. So getting the approval will take some time off the reno and might slow things down a little. This greatly affects those home owners who are looking at a tight timeline to sell and move out of their current flat.

ritey, gtg feed the little one.


Reno@Greenleaf - stay tuned!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reno@Trivelis - Pre Reno Photos

Reno@Trivelis - floorplan

We are embarking on a new project for a DBSS in Clementi scheduled to start some time in April. The flat comes in a "move-in" condition with wardrobes and kitchen cabinetry all fitted in. The couple has requested for us to help them in space planning as well as minor works in the master, living and dining.

stay tune for the progress!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Reno@TY Maisonette - Renderings

here's a sneak peak at how our TY maisonette will turn out at the end of the day!



living & balcony

entertainment area upstairs



study in master

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Reno@Greenleaf - more updates

baywindow storage
hello hello!
the reno is almost completed, leaving the kitchen countertop now.
my baby james is here for a visit. testing out the wood tiles in the living room. ok, if it's flat enough for a baby to crawl, it should be ok for adults huh!

The couple has gone for off-white wood laminate for the living and thus making the flooring stands out more.
Little niche (far left) for pocket items when the couple gets home, quite a common thing to have nowadays. Are you guessing that the tall cabinets are all for shoes? Nope! The last two columns on the far right are for the caveman!!! it will stash his hard liquor!!! He says he will sneak out at night to drink while the missus is zzz.
 Taduh! I give you his stash hideaway closet!!! equipped with powerpoint too.
 a drawer for his cutlier and a pull out board for him to place his bottle and glasses.
 These are for the shoes....
 And when it's all closed up, it's pretty neat huh!!

waiting for the countertop to come in this friday...


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