Sunday, March 15, 2015

Reno@Greenleaf - more updates

baywindow storage
hello hello!
the reno is almost completed, leaving the kitchen countertop now.
my baby james is here for a visit. testing out the wood tiles in the living room. ok, if it's flat enough for a baby to crawl, it should be ok for adults huh!

The couple has gone for off-white wood laminate for the living and thus making the flooring stands out more.
Little niche (far left) for pocket items when the couple gets home, quite a common thing to have nowadays. Are you guessing that the tall cabinets are all for shoes? Nope! The last two columns on the far right are for the caveman!!! it will stash his hard liquor!!! He says he will sneak out at night to drink while the missus is zzz.
 Taduh! I give you his stash hideaway closet!!! equipped with powerpoint too.
 a drawer for his cutlier and a pull out board for him to place his bottle and glasses.
 These are for the shoes....
 And when it's all closed up, it's pretty neat huh!!

waiting for the countertop to come in this friday...

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