Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reno@Buangkok - Bedhead with integrated switches and drawers

Here's a pretty bedhead which we designed for the couple with integrated powerpoints (hidden in the flip up panel), data point by the side and drawers on both sides of the bed.
 Close up frontal view of the bedhead - flip up panel, data point by the side and drawers
Zoom in on the flip up panel, when using the powerpoints, you don't have to keep the panel open as there's a slit for the wires to come through. And this little slit is covered by a layer of black brush.

Reno@Buangkok - Final Bathroom Photos!!

Our Reno@ Buangkok is near its tail end and the young couple is moving in this weekend. This post is just on their bathrooms. Both bathrooms have a feature wall tile at the shower alcove area. The vanity countertop is finished in the super thin kompacplus top. The master bath has a dark walnut countertop while the common bath has a lighter wood grain. However we can't take a photo of the common vanity top as it will only be installed end of June. The taps will be installed tomorrow but I can't wait till tomorrow so here are the photos!

So enough talk and let the photos do the talking.

Reno@Bishan Maisonette - Bathroom Vanity Updates!

 The doors are up! and the vanity countertop is up too.

stay tune for more updates on the Bishan Maisonette Reno!

Reno@Bishan Maisonette - Shoe cabinet

Above: Picture with all the warm lights turned on 
The shoe cabinet has top and bottom flushed lights and integrated with a storage seating bench.
Usually we will design for a lourve panel door shoe cabinet for ventilation, however to save costs, a solid door panel is another option. So how to solve the ventilation problem?
Click here to see the ventilation plates (perforated panels) for the shoe cabinet
 Above: Storage space inside the seating bench
Above: Storage seating bench

Reno@Bishan Maisonette - Slide and Hide away!

Guess what's behind here?
It's a cupboard for the washer and dryer.
To save space and not having to let the cupboard doors open all the time when using the washer, the contractor has proposed for a sliding door.
 (2) here's how it looks on the insides with tracks for the doors to slide inwards.
(3) both sides of the doors are slided inwards so the corridor space is kept free when the owner wants to leave the washer open.

Reno@Bishan Maisonette - Kitchen Works | Countertop in

The newly installed Kompacplus countertop which is sleek and solid. It's quite the latest thing in the market and we are quite fascinated about it. It was introduced by one of our client and we had the chance to meet the supplier and was smitten by the ultra thin top that is ultimately its distinctive selling point.  It comes in a series of woodgrain-like finishes and 2 solid colours (no guesses, it comes in our favourite colours!)

Interested? You can read more about the Kompacplus panels here.

 The slim but sturdy Kompacplus top which looks like wood yet creates a sleek countertop edge profile.

Reno@Bishan Maisonette - Kitchen works! The EXCEL magic basket

here's a nifty little tiered basket which EXCEL calls it their Magic Basket. It's installed in L shaped cabinets in the kitchen where you can easily retrieve items from the deep corner.

How it works:
1) 2 tiered baskets in the L shape corner
 2) you pull the 1st tier basket out of the cabinet
3) the 1st tier basket then can be slided to the left. While you are sliding the 1st tier basket to the left, the 2nd tier basket is also sliding from the corner out. Once you have slided the 1st tier basket all the way to the left, now you can reach out to the 2nd tier basket in the cabinet.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Reno@Geylang - Screeding and waterproofing

now that the screeding and waterproofing works are completed, it's time for tiling works! Can wait to see the bathrooms once it's done because we have chosen a super uber looking tile for the common bath.

Meanwhile we are still waiting for HDB's approval for the hacking of walls...slight hiccup here. Apparently the original HDB drawing was wrong and did not reflect the true size of the column in the store room (it was like so short in the drawing but in actual fact it's bloody long! triple the length!!!) and missing an RC stiffener which is situated in the middle of the new proposed entrance foyer. So we have to go back to the drawing board again to think of ways to solve the long column.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reno@B Maisonette - The Beginnings.

An en-suite bathroom was one of the prerequisite given to us when we met the family of 6.
Having 3 children and children's partner means every inch of the space has to be fully utilised and maximised. hmm. also means we work doubly hard by squeezing every inch of area for them.

The en-suite idea brings extra space and time for the whole family to enjoy, instead of on a morning 3 children battling to use the only common bathroom upstairs, the ratio is 2:1 instead of 3:1. The en-suite was designed to be minimal and big enough to fit in a WC, sink and a shower. The user only has to roll out of bed on a morning and head straight into the en-suite without having to queue.

And when the children are old enough to move out, it makes a terrific rental room because it's an en-suite like a studio apartment on its own. Plus it's super near to the main entrance, leaving enough privacy for the family to enjoy their own individual rooms upstairs.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reno@Bishan Maisonette - Carpentry carcass up!

Most of the carpentry is up over the week, leaving the swing doors to be installed later. Above: Shoe cabinet area with perforated panels up and down for ventilation.
 above: close up on perforated panels at the bottom
  above: close up on perforated panels at the top
Dining storage bench. Where you say??? haha...stay tune after the bronze mirrors are up and the cushion seats are finished. Then you will be able to see it clearer.
 Above: looking toward the kitchen from the balcony

above: concrete looking laminate. hmm...why didn't the contractor flush the powerpoints into the built in cupboard? I must ask the contractor later. weird.

 sink in place. waiting for the countertop to come in this friday before we seal in the sink!
 more kitchen storage facing the staircase
little bookshelf niche at the bottom of the kitchen counter. This is the mini-mini version of the BIG bookshelf which we did for the Hougang Maisonette.
 hidden cutlery drawer within a deep drawer.
 drawers within drawers
using up every corner space of the L shape kitchen counter


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