Friday, May 31, 2013

Reno@Hougang Maisonette - Sneak Peeks

Welcoming Entrance to flat

here are some updates on our design works for the Hougang Maisonette.
Will write/blog more on our thought processes later.
Kitchen Island
Here's the main feature of the kitchen. 
Iron Lady Chef cooks up a storm with her partner, so she needs lots of prep space and counter space. A huge kitchen, a big fridge, a walk in pantry, lots of storage for her kitchenware items, a coffee machine area, an oven, microwave, a stove and lastly an induction hob to do her soups and stews.
Dining Area
The dining area is where we kept it real simple as well as to keep costs low. 
The idea was the kitchen remain and is the important part of the area at the first storey.
The living is also kept very minimal with just a feature wall at the back and a feature tv console.
Upstairs Staircase airwell
Upstairs, we are doing a French Window for one of the rooms so that we can borrow light from the room into the stairwell. We love the fact that the doors are curve, quite vintage, think it belongs to the 70s-80s flat look.

we are still waiting for the contractors' quote before we can appoint one.
Hope everything can be kept within budget, if not we got to start striking off all the "pretty" items in the design.


Key Holder - So CUTE!!!


1. Country style kitchen  2. White Laundry/Yard Area.  3 Details

mood palette for the Yishun flat.
Not sure whether will the young couple like this style...
fingers cross XX
if not more abortive work.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY - Studs on my denim shirt

here's what hubs did for me after he finished the leather bag. using leftover studs to decorate the collar of my denim shirt.


DIY Shoulder Leather Bag with studs

Studs have been making the rage this whole year since the beginning. And i admit i'm a sucker for it.
Many a times i was almost tempted to buy a studded bag, but resisted. Seeing me being so tempted yet wanting to save money and refusing to buy one for myself, hubs decided to make one for me!!!!

we went down to people's park complex one day with my parents and chanced upon this shop that sells studs! So hubs bought 2 packets and over the Vesak Long Weekend, he spent 2 days and 2 evenings, drawing, sketching, planning, sewing, hammering and even poked his finger with the needle.

*heart winced*

I'm proud to show everyone here the finished product, hand sewn lovingly by my hubs!!!
Front of leather bag

Details on the handle

Studs on the sides of bag


Sides of leather bag

Detail on joining parts at the bottom


Stirling HDB Terrace - IKEA SUMMER 2013 Flamingo


Monday, May 27, 2013



~ will post my buys in the next post!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hubs and I - Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Hotel

Hubs and I were doing a research on Hotels as we are designing one in China. So that weekend we visited the Shangri La, Fullerton and Ritz Carlton. Next on the list will be Capella but we are taking our time to get there since it's across the sea.

By the time we visited Fullerton, i was so tempted with their afternoon tea set because I chanced on their 3 tier cake stand and I saw a group of chi-chi mothers chit chatting with 2 strollers by the side. I went WOW.

Enough said, here's my verdict on the afternoon tea set.
It's $43 per person (price not inclusive of GST and service charge yet)
Their speciality teas from TWG is Happy Birthday and Silver Moon, both we tried.
I must say I love their Happy Birthday because it's so fruity and fragrant even though it wasn't my birthday..but makes me wanna celebrate!!!

me in the teapot reflection

scones, jam and clotted cream
love their buttery scones with Jam and clotted cream. The scones were warm when they were served.
The tea came first and we were told to let it sit for awhile first before the scones.
I only wished that the jam had some fruits in it for their extra oomph bite to it.
Happy Birthday Tea
It's a blend of mild black tea with a festive mélange of sweet red berries and a touch of vanilla.

 2nd tier
they have egg mayo (what is so special about this??)
cucumber and cheese (again, nothing special at all)
The rest in the photo above:
pumpkin (not nice),  Smoke duck - Not bad
Bottom Tier
hazelnut chocolate - we skipped this cos we were quite full.
apple pie, too much pastry and too little apple sauce with bites.
Strawberry lemon tart - Not bad. 
Kueh lapis - not bad too!
Top Tier:
Macaroon - too sweet for my liking but then again, all macaroons are sinfully sweet.
Oreo cheesecake - ok, can do
Green Tea with Jam - erm. Not to my liking.
The one with the cranberry on top - seriously i have no idea what i'm eating.
Creme bulee - ok.

Salmon in a cone - Hubs favourite, he had 6 of these. 
Blue cheese - one is enough
otah on bread - not bad, reminiscence of local taste.
one of those rare moments where we get to spend one afternoon just by ourselves in sg.
after 2 hours,
i'm starting to miss my son already.

Stirling HDB Terrace - Family Area Cot

It was only yesterday that we brought the cot down to the family area and immediately Jules tried to climb into his cot several times so today we decided to remove one side of the cot to ease his little temper.

now he can climb in and out of the cot easily but we have to keep a watchful eye on him while he does his ups and downs.

We also put the bumper playmat just in front of the cot in case he falls down.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

DIY - Jules Crate Project Part 2

I printed my son's name "JULES" on an A4 sheet with my printer, spray mount it on some leftover vanguard sheet. Cut out the JULES with a penknife and I'm all set for the next part!

So now i need my crate, my cut out and a can of black spray.
before spraying, i stuck the cut out on the crate, tape all the 4 sides to prevent the black spray from getting onto other parts of the crate, as i only wanted the cut out to be black.

Now I'm ready for the FUN PART.

next wait for half an hour before it all dries up and i have the finished product!
Jules and his wooden personalized crate!


click here for part 1

Stirling HDB Terrace - Family Area

I've changed my family area yet again!


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