Friday, May 31, 2013

Reno@Hougang Maisonette - Sneak Peeks

Welcoming Entrance to flat

here are some updates on our design works for the Hougang Maisonette.
Will write/blog more on our thought processes later.
Kitchen Island
Here's the main feature of the kitchen. 
Iron Lady Chef cooks up a storm with her partner, so she needs lots of prep space and counter space. A huge kitchen, a big fridge, a walk in pantry, lots of storage for her kitchenware items, a coffee machine area, an oven, microwave, a stove and lastly an induction hob to do her soups and stews.
Dining Area
The dining area is where we kept it real simple as well as to keep costs low. 
The idea was the kitchen remain and is the important part of the area at the first storey.
The living is also kept very minimal with just a feature wall at the back and a feature tv console.
Upstairs Staircase airwell
Upstairs, we are doing a French Window for one of the rooms so that we can borrow light from the room into the stairwell. We love the fact that the doors are curve, quite vintage, think it belongs to the 70s-80s flat look.

we are still waiting for the contractors' quote before we can appoint one.
Hope everything can be kept within budget, if not we got to start striking off all the "pretty" items in the design.



  1. Anonymous8:23 am

    this is beautiful! i love the french window! i didn't know this is HDB approved. will reblog it at my blog! :)

  2. hi renes!
    Hope it's approved since it's a non-structural wall. My client told me that she has since it being done for other maisonettes, she especially love that it will borrow some light from the room into the stairwell.
    Will keep everyone updated! stay tune!

  3. Anonymous11:03 pm

    that's all very exciting!! can't wait to hear the good news! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.



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