Monday, September 30, 2013

Reno@Hougang Maisonette - Master Vanity Carpentry

 Do you know that there are 5 men in the toilet right now although there are only 4 heads?
Guess what are they doing?
Head tells worker in hokkien - leave vanity box XX inches from the ceiling box, designer in the shower cubicle confirms. Electrician and main contractor stands behind to watch and see. Electrician then confirms which wires goes to the top and bottom. Designer reminds electrician to leave a point in the vanity. Electrician tells head where that wire is from. Worker gets to work. But first he has to cut the shape of the bottom cabinet for the sink before he does anything else.
1 hour later, the carcass is up with the wirings all concealed.

Reno@Hougang Maisonette - Carpentry Part 1

So many panels and boards and shelvings that the group of carpentry gang had to leave them outside the maisonette.
 when we arrived, they have already started on the yard carpentry and soon the doors are up!
 here's a look at the amount of wood we have here in the kitchen, dining and living area!
 more cupboards!
Zoom in on the open shelving for Iron Lady Chef's knick knacks and cookery books. i think her choice of laminate here is fantastic!
From the staircase...can you see the amount of cupboards we have here today??? I almost couldn't walk pass these to get to the stairs!
 now the men are positioning the first row of kitchen counter by the wall.
Then the electrician came because we need to settle some switches which needs to be installed on the tallboy itself. Hubs have to coordinate the setting out, electrician confirms the number of fixtures and carpenter to cut a hole for the fixtures and also to put the right wires into the cupboards.
 quick look at the drawers tracks, we are using soft closing ones here.

Next comes the tall boy and man it was tall!! Almost hit Iron Lady Chef's philips ceiling light but they didn't of course. we had like 3 pairs of eyes watching them move that bloody tall thing up!

 up up and away!
 see how close it was to the ceiling light? Phew!
After the designer tells the electrician one round, he repeats to the main contractor, then the main contractor confirms with the electrician in hokkien and then the electrician goes and tell the carpenter.
 now the carpenter comes and say he don't get it and explains his version in hokkien. The electrician says he don't get it too, so the carpenter starts to draw on the wall.

 ta-dub - the carpenter's master piece!!!

Reno@Hougang Maisonette - Iron Lady Chef's Exercise Ball light

Iron Lady Chef's exercise ball light at the staircase void is currently tied to the railing because the workers are moving tall cabinets up to the rooms.
So hubs took the chance to see whether can he reach the exercise ball without a ladder. And YES he can! then he tries his hand at the opening for changing the light bulb. Yup he can reach the opening too, but still a little short of reaching the bulb. So we will still need a ladder to change if the light bulb is faulty.

Reno@Hougang Maisonette - Ironmongery up!

door handle on bedroom 3

door handle for bedroom 2

all the receiving ends were installed too.

common bath toilet handle upstairs installed

pull ring handle for staircase store door

door handle for powder room downstairs

one more item down the list.

Reno@Kovan Maisonette - Coordination work

When we got there, there was a worker laying the screeding bed in preparation for the living room tiles to go next. To the left is the study area with a half height wall and glass partition on top.
 here's looking at the entrance of the study room and door to the store room. Walls are fully plastered. Waiting to cure and then we can paint and tile the rest of the areas.
 They have also smoothen the walls in the staircase void area.

 some markings on the wall on how to lay our tiles.
So this is how it's going to look like base on the drawing sketch above for the tiling setting out. We are going to "catch" from the dividing line between the balcony and living room because that's where the bi-fold door is going to be.
For the living area, we will start from the main entrance door and start the setting out.
the balcony tile and the kitchen/study room floor tiles near to my shoes.
Then we have another sketch on how to lay the U channel for the bi-fold doors and where the 2 tiles going to meet.
After which we went upstairs to finalise the curb height, more tiling works, U channel for the shower glass partition sizes and height, glass door swing opening direction for both toilet entrances as well as the shower partition before we called it a day.
Really hope all the tiling works can finish by this week!


Reno@Kovan Maisonette - Toilet wall tiles up! Next - living tiles.

 Above 2 photos are the common bath area updates - the tiling works are almost done now.
 Above: Tiling works still in progress for the common bath upstairs.
Shower area feature wall tile at Master bath Wet area. The rest of the wall and floor tiles we are using a light coloured tile to brighten the toilet.

Zoom in on the feature wall master bath toilet


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