Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hougang Maisonette - Designing Kitchen Spaces

more updates on ironladychef's kitchen

proposing wood laminate bottom and white cabinets on top as she is getting a dining set from Scanteak, so we will use the same material through the place such that it will have a coherent language.

besides lots of storage area, we are also proposing a feature display bookshelf for her nick knacks like her tiffin ware, cups and saucers - which reminds me!!! Need to ask her for her tiffin height!!!

OMG. better do it soon.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stirling HDB Terrace - Gardening

we have been so productive this saturday! Besides preparing for Jules' coming 1st birthday bash with all the DIYs, we also did some gardening to spruce things up.
 I did some ploughing and cleared all the heliconia roots which were in the way. Makes the land barren...now that i have removed the roots, hopefully more plants will grow.

 we added 4 bunches of orange cosmos plant. So vibrant the colour!!! Makes me very happy!

our cute garden gnomes from our neighbour who moved out and didn't have any space for them so we adopted them.

Stirling HDB Terrace - DIY Paint Job

After awhile things starts to get old, shows signs of aging...just like humans, our furniture, especially the outdoor ones begins to show wear and tear from the sun and rain. So I decided that it was time to give a new life to our trusty old bench from IKEA.
This is how it looks like now! 

zoom in on paint job!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hougang Maisonette - Original Conditions

Hi all,

i've been so busy with my son's 1st birthday party that I haven't gotten the time to post some photos of the original conditions of the Hougang Maisonette.
Bet you all are just waiting eagerly for her transformation yah? Well so do I!!!

I'm so excited about this place and its potential to becoming a gem.

less words and more pictures!
above: original utility room where the wall has been hacked by the previous owner, so we have to put back the walls for a pantry area for iron lady chef!
above: here's a look at the current kitchen entrance, this wall will go too as we are designing an open kitchen for her with an island
 Original condition of the kitchen tiles and cabinets. All are in quite a good condition.

The common bath room downstairs is quite dark as it doesn't have a window opening and it ventilates through the kitchen, the door opens from the kitchen area which iron lady chef wants to change.
Makes sense because it will be so troublesome while she is so busy in the kitchen and her guests need to go through the kitchen to get to the toilet.

So we going to change the door opening for her and hopefully we can 'borrow' some daylight from the kitchen area.
For the staircase, we are going to change the railing. At first we thought we could keep the glass and just remove the railing, upon reaching the place, then we realised that it was PINK in colour and it's not even glass!!! It's just an acrylic!!!

Because upstairs bedrooms and foyer area are tiles too, iron lady chef wants a more homely feel thus the need to change the tiles to either wood tiles or parquet. So we have to change the staircase flooring as well in order to match everything.
Dining area: As we having a low budget reno here, we wouldn't be having any built storage cabinetry here, we'll just have to make do with the current condition and propose for new furniture, lights and a new splash of paint to make it look new.
The mirror store door cabinets got to go because it's tinted and it looks like it has gone through a battlefield. The sliding doors beside the store will be removed too.
 kitchen wall facing stairs - to go as well!!!
 balcony wall tiles and blue paint and corrugated roof - go go go away!
Although i liked the light...hmm, not sure whether can i refurbish it in some way.
upstairs, we are not doing much to the both rooms except that both will be given a new splash of paint, ceiling fan and lights.
We will be re-doing the common bath, master bath and master room.

above: here you can see the pink acrylic panels of the staircase and the white small tiles on the floor. One of the bedroom is painted blue while the other is yellow green i think, not sure.
And i didn't take any photos of the master room!!! OMG. Need to take some more photos soon.

i must be too busy looking at the pipe works outside the master room.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hougang Maisonette - Powder room

last but not least, the toilet on the lower floor where all her guest and friends and relatives, ah gong, ah ma will have access to. So we save the best for the last.

she likes this one.

Hougang Maisonette - Bathroom designs

This week, we have done 4 different options for iron lady chef's bathrooms

1st option: MOSAIC
a very Mediterranean look, gives one a seabreeze feel, cool and balmy...hmm, i'm thinking of Greece now with her blue seas and white washed houses. sigh. i need a holiday. ok. i'm digressing here.
common bathroom

master bathroom

This is very much inspired by the old flats in Tiong Bahru. White bricks and retro wooden furniture. Use of small black and white tiles which resembles those small tiles which you find in peranakan homes.
common bathroom

master bathroom

3rd Option: Simple and fuss free
White and grey tiles to frame the entire toilet leaving only the vanity area where we play up the colours abit to give it an identity.
Iron lady chef can choose an accent tile for the vanity area, it doesn't have to be blue mosaic..below is just an illustration of the area and space which we are considering in this option.
common bathroom

master bathroom

4th Option - HOTELuxury
This is something which we really like because we travel quite often and besides the bed in the hotel room, the next thing i look for is the toilet and the shower area.

I LOVE LOVE hotels which uses limestone for their walls or vanity counters because they give it such a rich and warm texture, plus the huge basins and clean sparkling taps and rainshowers...ooommmm...makes me want to soak in the bath tub for a long long time.

anyway, back to our design, we are proposing something similar to limestone wall tiles and timber flooring, very similar to those you find in resort hotels...sigh, now i'm thinking of fluffy white towels and rich thick bathrobes, electronic glass weighing machines, scented soap and a brushing my teeth!

ok i know this all sounds pretty weird and "what has this got to do with design???"
actually it has everything to do with it.
because design is all about living and senses. that's how we do it.
if we can provoke, invigorate and inspire.

that is a good design.

common bathroom

master bathroom.

Hougang Maisonette - more renders of the new place!

meeting iron lady chef today and we have some more renders to show her for her living, dining, kitchen although we did some the last time we met her.

today's meeting was to discuss more on her master room layout as well as the rest of the 3 toilets - powder room and 2 bathrooms upstairs.

The overall place will have a woody look to give it a warm cozy feel yet still light and refreshing. Plus the scandi look is pretty hip nowadays which i reckon a style that will never go wrong as that's how the Scandinavians have been living yah?

so more wood, more whites, more light please!

ps: next post will feature more about her bathrooms.

Hougang Maisonette - Surprise Feast!

iron lady chef made this huge tupperware of stingray prawn curry for us!!!
so sweet of her!


Saturday, April 06, 2013

DIY - Moppe Project - Finished Look!

Dear all!

I've finally finished my DIY vintage drawer from an IKEA moppe. This will come in nifty for keeping all my crafty items plus hubs has his own little drawers too.

And I'm pretty pleased with my accomplished look!

here are some of the details:
I've printed some coloured paper and used my own handwriting for "his" and "hers"

here's a closer look at the edges of the drawers where i've sand down to give it a worn out look, so that it will appear to look old. 
And i bought a cherry wood varnish from HomeFix for a new coat of paint.

click here for previous post on DIY process.


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